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The meaning of a pigeon tattoo

Values: loyalty, love, freedom, peace, sex, spirit

Among all the famous bird tattoos, the dove has always stood out for its beauty and tenderness… And for a long time it was considered a symbol of goodness. The meaning of a pigeon tattoo is often intertwined with motives of femininity and sacrificial love.

The dove tattoo is more common in the West, due to the dominance of the Christian religion there. In Christianity, the bird is the dove – a symbol of the Holy Spirit, a sign of the good news, chastity, also symbolizes the human soul and peace… The dove, depicted with an olive branch in its beak, symbolizes forgiveness and new hope (The story of Noah, who released a dove from the ark during the flood), with a palm tree branch – victory over death, a white dove is a saved soul, a pair of doves is a symbol of a happy , a strong family. A flock of doves denotes all believers.

In Chinese culture, the dove symbolizes spring, fidelity, orderliness, Mother Earth, and sometimes voluptuousness, as opposed to Christian chastity. The dove was the companion of Astara, the Semitic goddess of love. Then this image was inherited by the Greek Aphrodite (Roman Venus), as well as the gods Adonis and Eros (Cupid). Grunting of pigeons has often been associated with sex and childbirth.

In Japan, a dove with a sword is a recognized emblem of peace, while a dove is a symbol of war and an attribute of the god of war, Hachiman, also symbolizes longevity and reverence. The Hindu god of the dead, Yama, used pigeons and owls as his messengers. In Islam, doves sit on columns that represent the three holy virgins.

In the Semitic-Sumerian culture, the dove personifies divine power, is an attribute of the Great Mother – Ishtar. Among the Jews, white doves were sacrificed in temples when performing the ritual of purification. The dove has become a symbol of Israel. In the Old Testament, he is associated with simplicity, harmlessness, innocence and meekness. The dove is quite common in Indian mythology. He became the emblem of the Grail Knights and some saints: Benedict, Gregory. In Egypt it symbolizes innocence.

It can be seen that this bird has always and in everything been considered a positive and pleasant symbol.… Therefore, the meaning of a pigeon tattoo can often be defined as a talisman for a person from all kinds of evil forces and actions. Sinners consider it a symbol of atonement for sins. Lovers regard him as a symbol of loyalty and devotion to a loved one. Prisoners use it in tattoos as a symbol of the desired freedom.

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