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The meaning of a rose tattoo

Values: beauty, love, youth, rebirth, glory

The meaning of a rose tattoo today is one of the deepest and most versatile.… Among all the other colors depicted on the body, rose is the most beautiful and popular flower in tattoo… Over the course of its long history, the rose has become a commonly used tattoo and a generally recognized symbol not only among women, but also among men.

Generally, a rose is a symbol of love, beauty, youth, purity, holiness and rebirth… She embodies almost all existing positive traits and properties.

In the West, the rose, together with the lily, take the place of the lotus in the East, as a sacred flower, and are very close to it in their symbolic meaning. In funeral rites, the rose symbolizes eternal life, eternal joy and memory. Sometimes the rose symbolized silence and innermost mystery.

Rose leaves symbolize joy, thorns – sadness, myself flower – glory… The golden rose is the emblem of the Pope and means perfection, the red rose is love, desire, passion, completeness. The white rose, like a flower of light, symbolizes fidelity, virginity, innocence, spiritual revelation, the blue rose has become a symbol of the unattainable and impossible, the yellow one accompanies sadness and separation.

In alchemy, the rose is a symbol of wisdom, lack of desires, as well as the rebirth of the spiritual after the death of the body. In Chinese culture, it is prized for its fragrance and is a symbol of prosperity. In ancient Egypt, rose flowers were dedicated to the goddess Isis, as a symbol of pure love, freed from all carnal. In Greco-Roman – she was the emblem of Aphrodite, and also a symbol of always triumphant love. In the famous Baghdad rose, its first circle symbolizes the law, the second circle – the way, the third means knowledge, and all of them together represent the truth and the names of Allah.

Among other things the rose is often a source of inspiration… So in Persian mysticism there is a story about a nightingale in love with a rose, who sings and dies from the thorns of love, and colors it with his scarlet blood. So the rose also becomes a symbol of the unattainability of the object of love, and a source of inspiration for poets and musicians.

The concept of the eternity of death and resurrection is closely related to the rose.… In ancient Rome, a withered rose was the emblem of the kingdom of shadows and a symbol of the transience of life. The philosopher Omar Khayyam argued that the rose blooms best on the shed blood of the king. William Shakespeare wrote that the dying rose has the best scent. For Dante, she became a symbol of the completion of the spiritual path and the achievement of spiritual love.

The rose takes pride of place in the official coats of arms and emblems of many countries.

In combination with the cross, the rose was found in the symbolism of the Templars and Masons. Its thorns are often associated with the Fall. In Christianity, the rose has acquired a special symbolic capacity: mercy, mercy and forgiveness. But in medieval Catholicism, the rose is replaced by the lily. In the Islamic religion, the rose is a symbol of the shed blood of the prophet and his two sons. In Buddhism – the sign of the triplicity is true.

As you can see, the meaning of a rose tattoo is incredibly deep and interesting.… The rose always remains the most adored and mysterious of flowers, its beauty and perfection have been admired in myths and in reality for many millennia.

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