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The meaning of a skull tattoo

Values: death, danger, immortality, reincarnation, redemption, sacrifice

The skull is one of those tattoos that give people some mixed feelings. In general, the meaning of a skull tattoo is associated with danger, death and the awareness of the transience of human life.… As a rule, not everyone cares about such topics, and not all people are pleased to discuss them.

The crossbones skull was a famous pirate symbol, and in ancient times caused instant fear and horror in people. Skull tattoos are often inflicted on themselves by gamblers-scammers, whose lives are associated with constant risk and cruel luck; for such people, the skull tattoo has to some extent become a symbol of despair.

The skull tattoo is a symbol of truth, the bitter truth of time, which destroys and kills everything.… Also, such a tattoo can be a symbol of forgiveness and sacrifice. This meaning comes to us from the depths of Christianity, legend says that after the suffering death on the cross of Jesus – the Son of God, his blood flowed along the cross into the ground and washed the skull of Adam – the first man. Thus, Jesus atoned for the original sin of Adam and Eve by his death. Therefore, all the icons of the crucifixion under the cross depict a skull with crossed bones – the grave of Adam.

Some Buddhist sects use the skulls of people as an amulet, constantly reminding them that life is sacred. The ancient Celts, wandering almost all over Europe, believed that the skull contains the immortal soul of a person. Therefore, they preserved the skulls of their glorious ancestors and brave warriors and treated them with extreme caution, it was believed that having someone’s skull possesses both its strength and dignity.

The skull can symbolize not only death, but also immortality. If the tattoo depicts a skull with a snake crawling out of the eye socket, she symbolizes immortality and wisdom, and says that our knowledge and experience remain on earth after our death.

The generally accepted meaning of the skull is death, decay, the end of earthly joys, but on the other hand, the meaning of a skull tattoo says – “life is short” and says that there is no need to brag about your life and waste time… For modern bikers (as well as for the American Indians), the skull in the tattoo is a protection against playful death, and a reminder to take everything from life.

Skull images are quite popular in Mexico, it is there that the festival of death is celebrated every year, and this is not a sad holiday at all, this is the day on which people try to get the most out of life. Their skull symbolizes the beginning of a new life, rebirth and reincarnation.

In the criminal world, the skull indicates a person’s belonging to a thieves’ environment, and the desire for power.

As a conclusion, it must be said that every person who makes a skull tattoo puts his own special meaning into it. For some, it may be a memory of the death of a loved one, but for some it may be a symbol of hatred and blind rage. Therefore, the skull can be called a fairly universal symbol for a tattoo.

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