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The meaning of a wolf tattoo

Values: strength, loyalty, leadership, nobility

It so happened historically that the wolf became a constant companion of man, even in ancient times. Therefore, the image of a wolf remains one of the most popular drawings in the world of tattoos. The image of the wolf is mysterious and diverse. Different peoples treated wolves in different ways and endowed them with different qualities, but there was no such nationality neighboring with these animals that would treat them indifferently.

In many mythological representations of the peoples of Eurasia and North America, the image of the wolf is associated with the cult of the military leader or the leader of the battle squad, sometimes the god of war or the ancestor of the tribe. In particular, the wolf was the god of war in Indo-European culture. The concept of a wolf pack as an organized military unit has left its mark on the cultures of many peoples of Asia. For the Indians, the wolf was a symbol of the lower world – the world of the dead. In astrology and astronomy, the wolf is represented by the famous constellation Sirius. In the mythology of the ancient Celts, there is a story about a wolf that devours the sun, which, according to the Celts, was the reason for the nightfall. Norse mythology portrayed the god Odin in the form of a wolf, who, according to legend, was the father of all other gods. In the Greco-Roman system of mythological symbols, the image of a wolf accompanied the god Apollo.

The wolf is a strong, brave, intelligent, impetuous beast, therefore, they were always treated with respect. The wolf is very loyal and loyal. He is loyal to the she-wolf, friends and enemies, his pack, and becomes lonely most often after the loss of his family.

In the world of tattoos, there are many options for the image of a wolf tattoo, the meaning of which is also different. So a wolf howling at the moon (most often full) means loneliness, inner strength, independence from the world and society. A jumping wolf is a symbol of purposefulness, overcoming any obstacles. Running wolf – symbolizes the love of speed, risk, change. Depicted with a pack, a wolf symbolizes a leader, a leader. A wolf on fire is a product of dark forces, a demon. A wolf with a grin and red eyes is a werewolf, his image is very often used in the fantasy tattoo section. He also often acts as a guide to the other world and a protector from evil forces.

The wolf itself is a noble animal, but this nobility is special and must be understood correctly. He does not demand much from the world, but in response to anger, he can also be cruel. The wolf is an abstracted concept of the beast that sometimes wakes up in each of us.

As you can see, the meaning of wolf tattoos is very rich and diverse, such a tattoo is suitable for everyone who wants to gain leadership, loyalty, independence and nobility

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