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The meaning of an eye tattoo

Values: protection, joy, mystery, knowledge, peace

Eye tattoo is one of those tattoos that you can’t take your eyes off. It has a huge number of varieties and an incredibly deep ancient meaning.

Such a tattoo can become the very third eye for a person, which will protect her from stabs in the back and help to look through human souls. The third eye in ancient times could mean higher, secret knowledge or a special divine gift. As it turned out, tattooing the eyes on the back, shoulders, neck and head behind is a rather ancient phenomenon, such tattoos were applied mainly for the purpose of self-defense, so that an enemy or a predatory animal could not approach a person from behind.

In many religions, like in Christianity, the image of the all-seeing divine eye is known, which sees everything that happens around the world, such an eye helps a person feel the gaze of God himself and protects him from the evil eye and misfortune. Indeed, in some cultures it was believed that the human soul is in the eye and enters the body through the eye pupils, in the same way evil forces and spirits could enter the body, which were directed at a person by sorcerers and witches with their sinister gaze. The meaning of an eye tattoo is often accepted as a means of protection from envious people.

In ancient Egypt, the eye tattoo was the most common; the Egyptians painted the eyes of the gods Horus and Ra on their bodies. It was believed that the eye of Horus can allow a person to see the thoughts and desires of other people and everything that happens in their soul. The Eye of Horus was an amulet and a talisman, symbolizing rebirth and invincibility. The right eye was the symbol of the sun, the left was the sign of the moon. And the eye of the main sun god Ra, according to legend, watches over every believer in him, and provides divine care over a person, symbolizes light and healing, joy and peace.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, therefore, with an eye tattoo, you can express absolutely any human feelings: regret and unquenchable sadness (an eye with a tear), doubt and anger (eyes with frowning eyebrows), joy, simplicity and hope (a clear look), fear and sting ( frightened look).

The all-seeing eye in a triangle with a crown and outgoing rays of light is a symbol of the Holy Indivisible Trinity and a well-known Masonic sign, it serves as a reminder of the wisdom and vigilance of the Great Creator of all worlds. Eyes are a way of influencing another person, a recognized symbol of consciousness and morality.

Of the negative meanings, it can only be noted that an eye tattoo on the wrist is a distinctive sign of active lesbians.

Despite this, many people love and apply eye tattoos because of its aesthetics and beauty, as well as because of its incredibly rare and original symbolic meaning.

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