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The meaning of Djigan’s tattoos

Today we will talk about a rather extraordinary person, musician and hip-hop performer, a popular figure in Russian show business – Dzhigan. Personally, I am new to his musical work, but in one of the publications I read that he is Timati’s protégé. Looking at the number of Djigan’s tattoos, for some reason I immediately thought so. Today, almost the entire body of a young rapper, like that of an older friend, is clogged with tattoos.

It will take a whole day to say something about each of Djigan’s tattoos, so we will focus on the most noticeable and interesting pictures from the point of view of meaning. Most of them have Jewish symbolismthat speaks of the singer’s commitment to religion and culture.

Djigan's tattoo 1

On the belly of the artist is a large tattoo with the numbers 1985. Obviously, they indicate the year of birth. Not so long ago, Djigan finished off this zone with the image of the city and the inscription Born to win – born to win.

The whole back is covered with tattoos in the form of attributes of Jewish cultures. An eye in a triangle is stuffed in the neck area – an all-seeing eye. Below: a large G – the first letter of the name, then a scroll with an inscription that translates as “Let there be light.”

In a word, Djigan is a model of a person for whom tattoos are the same familiar element of the image as clothes and shoes. We can almost certainly say that their number will only increase, and we will try to upload to your court photographs of new works on the artist’s body.

Photo of Djigan’s tattoo

Djigan's tattoo 2

Djigan's tattoo 3

Djigan's tattoo 4

Djigan's tattoo 5

Djigan's tattoo 6Djigan's tattoo 12Djigan's tattoo 11Djigan's tattoo 10Djigan's tattoo 9Djigan's tattoo 8Djigan's tattoo 7
Photos taken from Denis Dzhigan’s VKontakte page https://vse-o-tattoo.ru/vk.com/iamgeegun.

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