Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of tattoo notes

Values: music, creativity, fun, fashionableness, style

The meaning of a tattoo containing images of notes has many similarities to the meaning of a treble clef tattoo. These drawings in tattoo art are relatively new, therefore, the interpretation of their symbolic meaning has not yet been fully formed.

But in any case, if a person makes a tattoo with notes, this directly indicates his affection or great love for music… This hints at the extraordinary creative nature of the bearer of the drawing, indicates excellent talent and originality.

Some make a tattoo with notes on an inconspicuous part of the body, indicating by this only their passion or respect for the art of music, while others, on the contrary, try to make it as large and noticeable as possible in order to tell about a whole life devoted to music.

Tattoo with notes is considered very modern and popular. And she owes much of her popularity to some world-class music and show business stars who made such a tattoo for themselves, and thereby forced thousands of their fans and simply lovers of music and creativity to imitate themselves.

The fact is that tattoos with notes are very well suited to modern trends in the development of tattoo art, especially for women. Therefore, today, together with notes, they often depict the decomposition of other modern youth symbols, for example, flowers, stars, patterns and inscriptions. In addition, there are many suitable areas for applying such a small tattoo.

But, as you know, each owner can put their special meaning in the tattoo notes. And thus, he gradually forms a certain tradition – the established meaning of a tattoo and direct associations with its drawing.

But it should be noted that in addition to the “youth” meaning of this tattoo, there is one more meaning of the note tattoo – more substantiated and older. The fact is that notes are also often used both in decompositions and in separate drawings in the categories of criminal tattoos. In the zone, such a symbol conferred the title of a thief-dodger on a prisoner. They use just the notes, because in the prison jargon there was such an expression “To walk on the music …” which meant – “to steal.” Less often, such a tattoo was done to prison musicians – famous singers of thieves songs.

As you can see, the meaning of the tattoo of notes in the two given cases is clearly delineated, therefore, ordinary people who are not sitting down are left only with a positive, more positive meaning of a tattoo with notes. And a rare opportunity is provided to create some new, well-founded interpretation of the notes in the tattoo ourselves. The incompleteness of the symbol makes this tattoo special, or, as they say, “free”.


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