Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the bow tattoo

Values: beauty, femininity, positive, glamor, sexuality

Bows are different, there are many of them, and they are very often found in everyday life, on packages, bouquets, jewelry, on shoes and clothes, drawings and accessories, primarily as a decoration, as a symbol of beauty that can make something beautiful and original out of a familiar and ordinary subject. Therefore, the art of tattooing could not fail to pay attention to such a popular and recognized symbol.

This is one of the few tattoos that attracts attention due to its simplicity and beauty. The bow in the tattoo is also used mainly for the purpose of decoration and is obviously a traditionally female tattoo. Among girls, he became a favorite decoration along with butterflies and flowers, hearts and stars. And how the tattoo has become a bright and very free symbol, which can be a good addition to the decomposition of drawings or a separate independent symbol. His non-attachment lies in the fact that the bow can be presented in different shapes and in any color scheme, different sizes and located on any part of the body. The meaning of the bow tattoo is primarily aimed at emphasizing female infantilism and tenderness, adding piquancy to the general image of a woman, and hinting at some “glamor” and sexuality.

Such a tattoo can be ideal for cautious and not daring girls, since it does not have any complex meaning and does not carry negatives, plus it can be made very small and invisible to hide if necessary. Girls put a bow on the ankles, wrists, feet, sometimes on the stomach and chest, with the desire to stand out and emphasize their originality. Quite often, a bow is used in a tattoo as an addition or part of the main pattern, in order to give it brightness and brilliance.

Let the meaning of a bow tattoo is not so deep and ancient, but in terms of aesthetic perception of a person’s image (especially a public one) it can play a good role.

The bow tattoo can also boast of its diversity, because bows are also different: from festive, floral and ending with ribbons of memory and sorrow. Therefore, in order to judge the meaning of a bow tattoo, you need to consider a specific case. After all, each person makes a tattoo with some personal special purpose, and the bow is no exception, but as a symbol it will never stop radiating joy and positiveness.

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