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The meaning of the bull tattoo

Values: strength, death, power, soul of the world, masculinity, fertility

The meaning of the bull tattoo has always been crisp and clear. The bull is the embodiment of the masculine, but not only them, but also productive male power… The bull is always associated with something powerful, invincible… He is a symbol of the fertile power of the sun, and his roar is a symbol of rain, thunder and storm. The trample of a bull is an earthquake, in a word, very strong and serious symbol

The bull tattoo among many peoples has a meaning associated with the gods. The gods of many peoples were depicted in the image of this strong animal. The bull unites the symbol of royalty, vitality, elemental forces of nature, all this is its immediate characteristic. And each nation brought into the meaning of the image of a bull only such beautiful and noble qualities.

In Buddhism, the bull personifies the person, among the Iranians – the soul of the world, and among the Celts – power. And in ancient Rome, the blood of a bull was considered a stream of Life, pure and natural. In Egypt and India, the bull is one of the sacred animals, it is worshiped and respected. In ancient Greek mythology, the supreme God Zeus was often depicted as a bull. There are also black bull, such an image means death, a fiery beginning and everything related to demons. In the zodiac meaning, this is Taurus.

In the modern perception of a bull tattoo and its meaning, there is practically no difference. He still characterizes the strength (more stubborn and unreasonable, but strength), masculinity, male sexual power, fertility, everything that can be associated with a real strong man. The black bull (or simply the dark bull, usually depicted with burning eyes) means a symbol of the game with death and dark forces… A bull from a bullfight is a saddled bull, therefore it is associated with the taming of the male and animal nature.

There is another popular tattoo – a man with a bull’s head, such a tattoo symbolizes a guard who protects from evil forces. It is generally accepted that a tattoo of a bull on the body (or an amulet) will protect a person, to give him vitality, assertiveness and strength, will increase male potency, in general, such a tattoo is more suitable for men than for women.

Do not forget that there is also a meaning of a bull tattoo on the zone. There, the bearer of such a tattoo is considered a fighter who arranges physical violence by order. This tattoo does not carry other meanings in such a situation, since in other situations, in everyday life, it carries only a positive meaning. As for where to place the bull tattoo, it doesn’t really matter, but such a tattoo will look good on the chest or on the forearm.

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