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The meaning of the Celtic cross tattoo

Values: infinity, rebirth, development, sun

Celtic culture, with its diversity and richness of images and symbols, has made a tremendous contribution to the history of tattoo art. The Celtic tattoo style has become one of the most beautiful, popular and preferred tattoo styles. This is one of the few ancient and modern cultures that was able to convey the primary, true essence and meaning of a tattoo.

There are many ancient Celtic symbols for tattoos (for example, Celtic tattoo designs), one of them and perhaps the most striking and famous is the Celtic cross.

The meaning of the Celtic cross tattoo takes its historical basis and meaning from the origins of Celtic Christianity… But an even more ancient pagan prehistory is also known. Images and stone sculptures of a Celtic cross with a circle around the center appeared and began to be used in Ireland even before the beginning of the eighth century.

Until today, the myth is known that the Celtic cross appeared on the Irish island thanks to St. Patrick, the first Christian preacher and educator of Ireland. In the symbol of such a cross, St. Patrick combined two heterogeneous images: the cross, the generally accepted symbol of Christianity, and the sun, the embodiment of the most revered pagan deity. Therefore, Celtic crosses are often referred to as “sun crosses”. The Celts’ sun symbolizes infinity, continuity and cyclicality of life, is considered the main spiritual source, a fiery center with the property of birth and rebirth.

There is another purely Christian interpretation, which means by the circle the “Sun of Faith” – the unimpeded light of faith in the Lord.

The four sides of the cross often symbolize the union of the four elements of nature or the four cardinal points.

The Celtic cross symbolizes constant spiritual development and expansion of consciousness… The cross is one unbreakable union of heavenly and earthly forces. The center of the cross is the intersection of these forces, the intersection of the natural and the supernatural. Sometimes the Celtic cross is depicted as a knot of complex work that never begins and never ends, that is, woven from one single thread of life.

At the end of the twentieth century, the Celtic cross became the emblem of a political trend – neo-fascism. And in modern times, nationalists and skinheads use it in their symbolism.

In the art of tattooing, there are not so many symbols such as the Celtic cross; such a tattoo combines a huge ancient symbolic meaning and incredible Gothic style, and the beauty of the image. On the body, such a tattoo looks beautiful and ergonomic.

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