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The meaning of the Chicano tattoo

Values: loyalty to the family, unity to the family, loyalty to the community, moral values

This unusual style dates back to the forties of the last century. At the time, he was popular among the Hispanic population in the United States. At first, such tattoos were done only by members of different Latin American gangs, this was necessary in order to show their belonging to a particular group. Chicano tattoos were applied in the simplest and most rude method – using a sewing needle and ink.

But it is thanks to this method of tattooing that they acquired their characteristic features, namely: clear, even lines and the absence of any additional colors. At that time, all tattoos of this kind were done in black or blue ink. However, now, if desired, the master can make you a tattoo in any color, this will no longer be considered as having deviated from the style.

Unfortunately, the Chicano style tattoo and its meaning have been poorly preserved to our time and no one has been able to decipher the true meaning, since there is no data on this. As for the name, a little strange and unusual for our ear, this is due to the fact that Chicano is an ethnic group that lived in the United States in the 16-17 centuries. After this time, it turned out to be difficult to trace the path of this people, by the way, they lived in Texas, California, Colorado and New Mexico.

In ancient times, Chicano was often persecuted on racial grounds, since most of them were Hispanic Catholics. At the time, they were not considered equal to the white population of the United States. As a rule, the people of Chicano were the poorest stratum of society and engaged in the dirtiest and poorest work in society. They had no rights, and they existed very poorly, but despite this, they carried their culture and traditions to our time.

This is how the Chicano tattoo style was invented, it was created to emphasize gang membership… Chicano’s tattoos immediately showed which gang a person was in and who he was in it. This is how this style of tattoos came about, thanks to the boys with a hard fate.

Traditional designs for identifying Chicano tattoos the meanings were images of Jesus Christ, Saint Lucas and the Virgin Mary, also often crosses and various phrases come across. Thus, despite the slightly dark theme, Chicano-style tattoos tell us about the principles of Mexican gangs and their moral values.

Now such a tattoo considered simply beautiful and unique in its own way, so if you like images of Chicano, then feel free to pick yourself up a sketch and follow to your tattoo artist.

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