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The meaning of the crow tattoo

Values: death, loneliness, hope, longevity, evil, revenge

The raven has been present in the tattoo since antiquity, since the time of the Celts, but it does not lose its semantic essence and popularity today. The meaning of a crow tattoo is very diverse, and has some positive and negative sides.

The raven is an ominous bird, it is a symbol of the wind, according to legend, it can live up to three hundred years, due to the fact that it feeds exclusively on carrion.

In the culture of Ancient Greece, the raven symbolizes longevity and fertility, it is considered a faithful companion in travel and predictions. He was the messenger of the Greek gods Apollo and Athena. And in the mythology of the Scandinavian tribes, the god of war, Odin, was accompanied by two crows – Hugin and Munin, who symbolized such concepts as mind and memory, respectively. In ancient Rome, the meaning of the raven became hope, all because its cry resembles the Latin word “kras”, which translates as “tomorrow.”

In the Christian religion, the raven is an evil bird, he is associated with the devil and takes the role of a malicious and avenger, as opposed to a white dove, but at the same time he helps the righteous and hermits, according to the scriptures, when the prophet Elijah was in the desert for a long time, the crows brought him food and thus helped to survive. In the culture of Egypt, the raven embodies anger and destruction, and among the ancient Chinese, he indicated power and steadfastness. In China, there is a legend about the sacred raven that lives in the sun, it became a symbol of sunrise, zenith and sunset, as well as the emblem of the Shui dynasty. In Japan, the image of a crow means family love. For the inhabitants of Africa, the raven has become a symbol of universality and a faithful guide; it was believed that killing a raven leads to a worsening of the weather.

Thanks to its long life, the raven has become a symbol of wisdom and loneliness.… But more often than not, a black raven is not considered a good omen if a black raven with a white feather is a good omen. So among the Eskimos of Canada and the ancient Indians, the raven was considered a great shaman and was revered as their ancestor. You can see that it is ravens and wolves that are most often found as companions or messengers of the gods from the realm of the dead.Therefore, the meaning of a crow tattoo may be associated with the pain of loss or loss.

In tattoos and art of the ancient Celts, the raven was associated with the image of the goddess Morigan, as well as with the gods of war and death, the symbol of the sacred raven was used in fortune telling and magical rituals, so it also became a symbol of prophecy. In Russian fairy tales, crows most often accompanied witches, sorcerers and wizards. They were treated with caution and contempt because they are large, harmful and should not be eaten.

The meaning of a crow tattoo is quite interesting, but in a particular case it is determined by the wearer of the tattoo himself, and his personal attitude in this ominous bird.

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