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The meaning of the dolphin tattoo

Values: love, freedom, luck, nobility, mind, energy

Since ancient times, dolphins have enjoyed a special unchanging love among people. They were respected, respected, admired. These intelligent and beautiful animals, with their behavior and lifestyle, have truly earned the title of popular favorites.

The meaning of the dolphin tattoo varies slightly depending on the style and context, but always remains only positive, equally suitable for men and women.

Dolphins differ from other fish and other animals by their high level of intelligence, friendliness and playfulness. The dolphin image has become a symbol of nobility and good luck, speed and sea

The two dolphins represent the Chinese yin-yang symbol. Among the ancient Celts, the dolphin was the main personification of the element of water, which meant rebirth and the beginning of a new life. For the North American Indians, the dolphin is a symbol of kindness, wisdom and energy.

The Christian religion views the dolphin as a big fish, and the fish is associated with the crucified not the cross, the Savior. The dolphin leading the ship, the symbol of Christ leading the holy Church.

And the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that it was dolphins who escorted the souls of dead people to the other world. (Travel through the seas of death to the Island of the Blessed). In addition, in Greek mythology, dolphins were often associated with love and eroticism.… Perhaps because dolphins are the only animals in the world (other than humans) that have sex for pleasure. The Greeks called the dolphin “the king of the sea” and associated it with Poseidon, the god of the seas. In Egypt, the dolphin became an attribute of the goddess of the moon, femininity, motherhood, healing and magic. He was the personification of all the positive forces of nature.

Today, there are many stories that dolphins rescued people thrown overboard or simply drowning in the sea, therefore they became a symbol of salvation: the salvation of soul and body.

In Cretan and Etruscan mythologies, it was believed that the gods themselves travel not with dolphins. In Minoan culture, he was the personification of power in the seas. The life of a dolphin is interesting and carefree, so it has become a symbol of dreams and well-being.

These animals are often perceived as guides from unknown worlds, they protect from dangers and connect the natural world with the inner world of man. Also, a dolphin is a lucky talisman.The meaning of a dolphin tattoo can be taken as a symbol of the desire for freedom, faith in goodness, unexpected joy and willingness to help

It becomes clear why the dolphin tattoo is so attractive and popular.

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