Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the eagle tattoo

Values: power, freedom, immortality, power, greatness, speed, fearlessness

The eagle has always been a revered animal and the most important figurative symbol. He became the emblem of the all-seeing gods, brave warriors and the messenger of the sun. The eagle is associated with domination, victory and power, courage and inspiration, spiritual development and ascent. This bird has always been considered the lord of the air. The symbolic meaning of the eagle tattoo is quite unambiguous – it embodies power, vigilance, speed and grace

The eagle is often found in the culture of the ancient Greeks, there is a myth about how the supreme god Zeus turned into an eagle or used him as his messenger. You can recall the angry messenger eagle, who flew in every day and tormented the liver of Prometheus.

The eagle is not many of the living creatures that can look at the sun directly, without blinking, therefore, people began to endow it with the ability to transfer the souls of the dead. Hence the tradition of releasing an eagle while burning the flesh of the deceased emperor.

The Jews had the idea that an eagle could accidentally burn its wings in the sun, and then plunge into the ocean, and from there it would appear with a new pair of wings, thus, the eagle became one of the symbolic motives of Christian baptism. Was the emblem of St. John the Theologian – the preacher of the Word of God. In Christian iconography of the Middle Ages, the eagle is associated with the ascension of Christ, and depicted with a snake in its beak, it symbolizes the victory over Satan or the conquest of all evil. It is also considered a symbol of prayer and inspiration by divine revelation.

According to myths from Norwegian culture, the eagle tattoo symbolizes wisdom. And for Americans, the eagle tattoo depicted with the flag of America has long become a patriotic symbol of the country. In China, the eagle is yang, has become a symbol of perseverance, courage and strength… A lone eagle on a rock is a symbol of a lone warrior, an eagle on a pine tree is a sign of longevity without disease and sorrow. Among the Indians of North America, the attitude towards the eagle was even more reverent, it was associated not only with the sun, but also with all the forces of nature and the inner spiritual forces of man. Eagle feathers often adorned the clothes of the Indians and were considered a badge of distinction, a talisman against evil spirits, and a talisman that bestows courage and courage.

In Derny Rome and Persia, his flight before the battle was taken as a good sign of victory. The Hittites were the first to use the two-headed eagle as their emblem. After the end of the Crusades, this eagle became a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire, and later the Austro-Ugric and Russian empires. In North Asia, the eagle became a symbol of shamans; its feathers were often used in ceremonies and rituals.

The general meaning of the eagle tattoo is also expressed in the embodiment of the attributes of justice and samples of inexhaustible freedom, symbols of fearlessness and immortality.

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