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The meaning of the four-leaf clover tattoo

Values: love, hope, faith, trinity, repentance

The symbolism of the clover plant today is very rich and interesting. The clover flower symbolizes the divine triad, the trinity of the world and human essence, which is divided into an inner spirit, an eternal soul and a perishable body.

Among the ancient Egyptians, the great gods Osiris and Isis wore the image of clover on their headdresses. The Hindus saw in it the designation of the four cardinal points, and the Buddhists – the union of soul and body. In China, clover has long meant summer. Among the Druids, the clover flower represented the vernal equinox.

The practice of planting clover on the graves of the dead made it also a symbol of farewell, a sign of lost love and repentance.

In Christianity, the three-leaf clover has become a symbol of the Holy Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.… According to legend, Saint Patrick, the preacher of Christianity, having come to the lands of the Irish peninsula, explained to people the essence and foundation of the Christian Church and faith using the example of the clover leaf, as a symbol of the indivisible trinity. Since then, the clover has become an indispensable decoration and symbol of the feast of the veneration of St. Patrick on March 17 in Ireland.

Over time, the clover tattoo found its Christian meaning in the cultural tradition of the Celts, as a symbol of early Christianity.

In a clover tattoo, the meaning of each petal is special.The first leaf means faith, the second symbolizes hope, the third is created for love… So in one small flower all the most important and sacred components of human life can be embodied.

Sometimes the fourth petal is also found – the petal of luck.… But in nature, the four-leaf clover is very rare, therefore it is believed that an unexpected pleasant event awaits the one who finds such a flower. Thus, the four-petaled clover has become a universally recognized symbol of good luck. And the meaning of the four-leaf clover tattoo is primarily defined as a symbol of rarity and peculiarity, a symbol that brings happiness and good luck. wearing it.

According to one of the legends, a clover with four leaves grew only in the Garden of Eden, and Eve, going into exile with her husband, took one such flower with her. But botanists have denied this story, proving that the birthplace of such clover is South and Central America.

This is how, using the example of clover, one can tell how a small, inconspicuous flower in nature can embody a large number of significant and sacred images for many cultures of the world.

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