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The meaning of the fox tattoo

Values: longevity, sexuality, wit, abundance, wealth, playfulness

The meaning of this tattoo can be interpreted in different ways, based on the many existing associations and characteristics of this diverse and mysterious symbol. At different times, different peoples of the world treated the fox differently, singing or despising its certain qualities and properties. There is a Chinese proverb: “Where there is no fox, you cannot found a village there,” which indicates a positive attitude towards the fox on the part of Chinese culture, as a symbol of good luck and a good sign. The fox in China has also become a recognized symbol of longevity., according to legend, having reached the age of fifty, a fox can turn into a woman, upon reaching a hundred years, into a young girl, and after a thousand years it can take on the image of both women and men, becoming a heavenly fox – ten-hu. In Japanese culture the white fox has long become a symbol of abundance and prosperity, his clay figurines were sculpted and placed near the entrance to houses and temples, and a key to a barn with rice was hung in his teeth so that a good harvest and prosperity would always remain in the house. In modern Japan, the image of this beautiful animal is closely associated with entrepreneurship, therefore a fox tattoo can be good for the development of entrepreneurial abilities or your own business… A fox tattoo in the Japanese style implies the manifestation of a desire for improvement and self-development, bringing up one’s observation and inner strength.

And in ancient Rome, for example, she, on the contrary, was considered the messenger of hell and the demon of fire. In Scandinavian mythology, the fox is associated with the god of deception and disobedience – Loki. Also, the fox is very often a symbol of cunning, deception and temptation., it is these qualities that are attributed to the fox in Russian and Ukrainian folk tales, as well as in the mythology of Scandinavia, and the legends of the North American tribes.

The fox is a cautious, nocturnal predator, which is very difficult to lure into any trap, perhaps because of this in Christianity they began to compare it with the tricks of the devil. In ancient Egypt, the fox was also considered a model of deceit, hypocrisy, and depravity. The image of a fox carries signs of frivolity and licentiousness, therefore the meaning of a fox tattoo is well suited for girls who want to emphasize their playfulness and sexuality

Of course, a tattoo depicting a fox is more popular with the beautiful half of humanity, but on the body of a witty, respectable man, it will also never seem superfluous. Since ancient times, the fox has been associated with two elements of nature at once: earth and fire. And in many cultural traditions it was often associated with mystery and light eroticism. The meaning of a fox tattoo embodies those qualities that are not present in all people, but that everyone wants to have, it is a sharp mind, ingenuity, ambition and independence

Be that as it may, there are many people who, in character, have similarities with a fox, and want to depict a comparable image on their body as a tattoo.

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