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The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo

Values: love, tenderness, rarity, lightness, trepidation

The hummingbird is the smallest, but perhaps one of the most beautiful birds on earth. The hummingbird belongs to those species of birds that do not live in all parts of the planet, therefore the meaning of the hummingbird tattoo is not so international and diverse.

The hummingbird is beauty, lightness, tenderness and trepidation, its amazing ability to soar in place has attracted the attention of people since ancient times and does not cease even today.… This very ability has made the cultures of many nations consider the hummingbird a highly spiritual being, associate it with magic and supernatural abilities.

Hummingbird feathers are the charm of passionate and ruthless love… This elusive bird embodies speed and incredible agility. The hummingbird bird tattoo is considered a universally recognized symbol of the love of life and the joy of life. She symbolizes strength, energy and the ability to perform super difficult tasks.… Hummingbird tattoo also means human well-being and sexual energy… Most often in a tattoo, a hummingbird is depicted hovering in place and drinking nectar from a flower; this nectar is identified with the heady nectar of mad love.

In the mythology and beliefs of the ancient Aztecs, the hummingbird was considered a revered deity with the name Huitzilopochtli, because this name is consonant with the sound of the small wings of this beautiful bird. The hummingbird is very popular in the Caribbean, where it is considered a symbol of the richness of nature and diversity.

The hummingbird tattoo exudes positive and optimism, emphasizes the openness and sincerity of a person, as well as the exoticism and originality of its owner. Hummingbirds, along with butterflies and flowers, are very popular among women as a symbol of incredible lightness and grace. The meaning of a hummingbird tattoo is peace, care and happiness.… The hummingbird bird can mean incredible rarity or unexpected joy, it can be a symbol of brightness and decoration of life, because often these bright birds are found among the dense jungle, under impenetrable trees and dense thickets.

Today, about three hundred species of hummingbirds are known, and each of them has a unique color, a different tail shape and other features.

According to the beliefs of the Indians of Central America, hummingbirds flying in pairs are the souls of lovers who remained together after death. They were called fluttering flowers or living gems. The hummingbird was a symbol of love, compassion and life. The Indians have many stories, myths and legends about this brave and elusive bird, where she saved people from drought and hunger, solved the riddles of God and fought for justice. Therefore, it is often considered a symbol of overcoming life’s obstacles.

This tattoo is suitable for all cheerful and courageous people.

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