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The meaning of the infinity tattoo

Values: memory, perfection, infinity, development, time

“Infinity always exists, because whatever the number is, there will always be a number greater than this …” Aristotle

The tattoo depicting the symbol of infinity belongs to those drawings that are called simple and ingenious… Because on the one hand, it is a simple mathematical symbol, and on the other, it has a deep symbolic and even magical meaning.

The sign of infinity means the eternity of being, the uncountability and impossibility of knowing this world… Such a tattoo is endowed with incredibly deep meaning by people of science who know a lot and understand the whole symbolic essence of this, at first glance, symbol. Often, through the meaning of the infinity sign tattoo, a person can express his desire for everything perfect and ideal.

Few people know that the origin of the infinity sign itself is far from mathematical; much earlier this symbol was used in Tibetan rock engravings. He was portrayed in the form of a snake biting its tail. According to legend, this snake named Ouroboros tried to eat itself, but over time it grew up and could not do it, and so it went on forever. Therefore, he began to denote the beginning and the end, and their connection in natural cycles.

The meaning of the drawing of the symbol of infinity in paired tattoos expresses the desire of lovers to be together and forever, and at the same time is a symbol of loyalty to each other.

Also, infinity is a desire to live without boundaries and limitations, because the very sign of infinity was conceived as a symbol indicating the impossibility of indicating boundaries, numerical or quantitative measures. For people who are confident in themselves, the meaning of the infinity tattoo is constant growth, development and movement forward… In theology, the sign of infinity expresses the unlimited and impossibility of knowing God. In philosophy, the sign of infinity is associated with the immeasurability of the concepts of space and time, and also expresses the inexhaustibility and infinity of nature itself and its creations.

Most often, guys and girls make a small infinity sign on their wrist. It can also express endless love or loneliness, be a reminder of the past and a reason to think about the present, because our earthly life is far from endless, and sooner or later it will all be interrupted smoothly.

In general, if you want yourself to get an unusual tattoo with meaning, then the infinity sign is what you need.

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