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The meaning of the joker tattoo

Values: fear, danger, playfulness, excitement, pretense, licimerie

I would like to say that this tattoo is not very ancient, and not very common, but it has some unusual special meaning and meaning that cannot be found in any other tattoos.

In general, the meaning of the joker tattoo reveals an insatiable desire for gambling and dangerous games.… The Joker is happy today, and tomorrow he is already unhappy, now he is kind, and a moment later he is already evil, yesterday he gives out gifts, and today, on the contrary, he steals. Therefore, the image of the joker has become directly a symbol of impermanence and disappointment, it reminds us that our whole life is painfully hypocritical and unkind. And each person can quickly change masks and be different.

In ancient times, jesters and clowns in a crown were depicted as unworthy, deceitful rulers and monarchs who were not loved by the common people. Therefore, the meaning of a clown tattoo may have some ancient background.

The meaning of the joker tattoo is fully revealed in the section of criminal tattoos… Most often, this tattoo has the following meanings: bred (swindler), gambler (gambler at cards), katala (the one who wins all the time is a professional in this matter).

A more positive meaning of the joker tattoo can be found if we draw parallels with the image of a jester in Russian fairy tales and fables. There, in the form of a jester, they most often depicted human failures and satirically depicted human shortcomings. They are also embodied in the image of clowns and fools who can turn the greatest wisdom into idiocy.

The joker tattoo gained wider distribution and popularity in modern times after the release of the film “The Dark Knight” in 2008, in which the joker was the main villain, very smart and very crazy.

If you come across a tattoo depicting a woman in a joker-jester costume, then its meaning explains to people that fortune, like life itself, is very variable and insidious, so you should never trust women and rely on luck or fortune, but do what I must do it on my own and rely only on myself. This tattoo is usually done by people who have already acquired this bitter life experience. Sometimes the joker is used in the section of fantasy tattoos, considering it as a fictional modern creature, deceiving people, then mocking them.

But from all other tattoos I can single out one special and very interesting tattoo. This tattoo is called “The clown is sad”And has incredibly complex meaning. Its meaning is to depict the true face and state of mind of the wearer of the tattoo, in contempt for the human role masks that people wear every day to work, to college, to friends, to family. This reveals the state when you have to smile, undoubtedly, and constantly radiate joy to life, and then come home and cry prickly tears. This is an incomprehensible desire to correct the rough world for the better, revealing oneself true and present.

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