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The meaning of the ladybug tattoo

Values: love, luck, peace, joy, summer

Translated from English, the ladybird is called “lady bird” – ladybird. It is generally accepted that she received such a name not in honor of the Virgin Mary, and the bright red color of her shell symbolizes the cloak of the Virgin, because in medieval Catholic art and during the Renaissance, Mary was most often depicted in red robes.

Of all the other insect tattoos, the ladybug tattoo stands out for its color, brightness, and incredible tenderness. The fact is that some insects, in many people, especially women, cause disgust or fear, and this little miracle causes only joy and quiet admiration. The ladybug is known almost all over the world as a generally recognized symbol of good luck. The meaning of the ladybug tattoo is very rich and varied, well suited for both men and women… The ladybug is a very gentle and peaceful creature.

In some Asian countries, there are myths that she was sanctified by God and understands the languages ​​of people. This animal is also very useful, especially for people involved in agriculture, because it saves trees from parasites and aphids. In the Scandinavian countries, it is believed that this small insect brings people good luck in search of true, sincere love.

There is also a belief that if a ladybug lands on a woman’s hand right after marriage, the number of dots on her “shell” will indicate the number of children who will be born in a new family.

The ladybug in Russian is always called in the feminine gender, which makes such a tattoo well suited for peaceful, balanced and beautiful women. Another reason for applying such a tattoo was its compactness and brightness, a small insect can be easily hidden if necessary.

In general, the meaning of a ladybug tattoo conveys positive to the people around it, expresses the joy of being and the vitality of the wearer of the tattoo.… The ladybug is often called the “sun” so it has always been considered a symbol of the sun, or a warning of possible danger.

But there is also a negative moment in this image – the ladybug can also be considered a symbol of impermanence and betrayal, because in one of the myths she is clearly associated with the wife of the Thunderer God, who cheated on him, for which she was severely punished by a miserable existence in the image, albeit beautiful but an insect of a creature.

But this is just a small drop in the sea of ​​positive symbols, in most cases, the ladybug is associated with peace, love, carelessness and summer joy.

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