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The meaning of the moon tattoo

Values: mystery, femininity, radiance, changeability

There are a huge number of variations and symbolic images of the moon (month), but the meaning of this tattoo is quite universal and interesting, it is saturated with unknown fear and the spirit of ancient legends and myths. The meaning of the moon tattoo is a mystery that has not been fully solved by anyone.

It is no secret to anyone that in almost all cultural traditions of the peoples of the whole world, the moon, as well as the sun, was a famous and highly revered deity. People did not fully realize and could not reliably imagine the influence of the moon on their earthly life, but they felt this influence and always revered the moon as patroness of night timeBut, despite the direct connection of the month with the night, dark forces, its symbolism rarely contains negative aspects.

The moon is one of those meaningless tattoos that everyone likes and suits everyone. This picture certainly attracts people. with its pacification, mystery and radiance.

In some cultures, the moon has been the main female symbol. For example, among the Greeks and Romans, her incarnation was the goddess Artemis, in whose honor they built temples and sanctuaries. For the ancient Celts, Morgana embodied the moon. In Mayan culture, the moon goddess was the protector and patroness of pregnant women. Chinese culture associates the image of the moon with the feminine principle – yin, with the immense energy of cold and dark forces. And on the South coast of the American continent, the moon was the supreme patron and the most important of the gods. People have a great reverence for the moon for a reason, because from the most ancient times they already knew that the moon has some incredible power. She was considered even more powerful than the sun, because she can shine night and day, and sometimes even eclipse the sun with her. In Japan, on the contrary, the moon was associated with the male god Susanowo.

The disfavor of the moon meant a great disaster for the peoples who worshiped it; thunderstorms and lightning were also sometimes considered the punishment of the moon. The moon was worshiped in ancient Babylon and India. She directly influenced the dates of ceremonies and holidays, the first lunar calendars were drawn up. Even today, the day of the celebration of Christian Easter is determined according to the location and appearance of the moon.

When in a tattoo of the moon she is depicted behind the clouds, as if peeping unnoticed at the world, she has a somewhat mystical character and is associated with the twilight in which sleepwalkers and werewolves live. Also, animals that hunt at night are often associated with the image of the moon, they are also often found in modern tattoos, such as a wolf, panther, owl, bat and others. In ancient Egypt, the cat was the guardian of the moon, and her eyes reflected the moon itself.

In astrology, the moon is a symbol of the mother, she displays impermanence of the world in its changes and fluctuations, she is the patroness and mistress of emotions and thoughts.

Listen and choose for yourself a special meaning of the moon tattoo, which is right for you.

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