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The meaning of the owl tattoo

Values: wisdom, death, loneliness, fear, reason

The owl, as befits a large bird of prey, has become for many peoples a symbol of night, dark, ominous power. She instills fear with her eyes shining in the dark, a silent approach in flight and a frightening rude voice. So it is not for nothing that the owl became an evil, and even terrifying, symbol among many ancient peoples, especially in China. Due to her nocturnal lifestyle, she was associated with black magic, the afterlife, death and sorrow.… However, among a number of other peoples, the owl also had positive symbolism.

Therefore, the overall meaning of an owl tattoo today is not uniform – wisdom and fear, loneliness, higher intelligence, seal and joy

The ancient Celtic culture called the owl a cadaverous bird, a messenger of death. Among the Chinese, the owl also embodied all possible evil: yang is a destructive principle, crimes and death itself. Back in China, she was credited with the horrific habit of pecking out the eyes of her mothers.

And among the Indians, for example, the meaning of an owl tattoo was only positive. She personified great wisdom and was considered a good amulet and reliable protection. In the mythology of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, the owl always accompanied Athena, the goddess of learning and wisdom. They were also considered a seer (possibly due to the ability to see in the dark) and in this context they were often depicted on Greek coins. This is where all the European fairy tales about the “learned owl” and its modern associations with wisdom originate. The owl brought its positive meaning – spirituality and intellectuality to Russia

The nocturnal bird is quite mysterious and interesting. In Christianity, this night bird has become a symbol of impurity and witchcraft, as well as spiritual blindness and unbelief. In Hinduism, the owl was chosen as a symbol of cosmic spirituality. African peoples also have a negative attitude towards owls. In Madagascar, it is believed that owls gather with witches and dance on the graves of the dead. And in India they believed that the owl accompanies the souls of dead people to the afterlife.

In Mexico, she was a symbol of night and cold. In Egypt, she was also considered a mediator between the worlds of the living and the dead. Japanese culture, like Chinese, recognized the appearance of this foot predator as a bad sign. In modern Goths, an owl is a reflection of an unsettled soul.

As you can see, an owl is perceived differently, and the meaning of an owl tattoo will depend on the manner in which this bird is drawn and in what context. And how the tattoo carrier himself perceives it. The owl is often inflicted by nocturnal people, mysterious, frightening and wise.

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