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The meaning of the panther tattoo

Values: rage, femininity, ferocity, courage, cunning, tenacity

The image of a panther for a long time of its existence among people of different cultures and peoples acquired relatively similar meanings and attitudes towards themselves.

And so today the meaning of a panther tattoo is determined by such symbols and qualities: courage and strength, courage and bravery, power and leadership, love for the family and its protection, ferocity and fearlessness, cunning and perseverance, love of life and freedom from all sorts of restrictions and frameworks, swiftness and rebirth… Panther combines excellent fighting qualities and at the same time quivering, maternal tenderness.

The prowling panther has a special meaning in tattoo art. It symbolizes the fragility and decay of life, the speed and fragility of our existence, indicating that our life can be interrupted at any moment by the throw of a fierce panther. Such a tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the impending death., and thus makes its bearer think about the meanings and results of their own existence.

If a panther is depicted in a jump, this most often means aggression, rebellious strength, and supernatural, magical abilities. For women, the meaning of a panther tattoo is mainly expressed in unpredictable tenderness, fierce beauty, and fearless love for their family, the maternal instinct of a panther is striking with devotion and self-sacrifice.

Since ancient times, two types of panthers have been known: black and yellow (leopard or jaguar). So yellow was associated with daylight, the sun, and black personified the forces of the night and the moon. The leopard also symbolizes power and social order, and at the same time is considered a ruthless killer.… He has caused admiration and fear among people for many centuries.

In ancient China, the panther was treated with fear, considering it a cruel and vile beast, and in some peoples of Asia and Europe, on the contrary, it was considered the only fearless protector from dragons. The Mayan tribe revered jaguars very much, chiefs and shamans wore their skins, the prefix “jaguar” was often found in names. This beast in the Maya embodied something supernatural, shamans considered him a bridge from the conscious to the unconscious. They considered the panther more a wise strategist than a fearless fighter.

In the ancient African states, leopards were also very revered and protected as sacred animals. They were kept in several at the palaces of the rulers and the rich as pets. And among the pygmies, the god Thor was revered, who was portrayed in the form of a leopard. This animal was an attribute of the Greek god of winemaking – Dionysus, and the panther skin became a symbol of the priests of Ancient Egypt. Sometimes the panther was called a werewolf and was associated with the worlds of the spirits and the dead.

In a number of peoples, the panther represented the image of an independent, sensual and graceful woman.… In Christianity, it is sometimes considered a symbol of sin, attributed to such qualities as treason and deceit.

Whatever one may say, the panther has always attracted attention with its mystery and diversity, embodied love and hatred, rage and nobility, life and death.

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