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The meaning of the peacock feather tattoo

Values: power, fame, greatness, lightness, innocence, pride

A tattoo with peacock feathers, like the image of a peacock itself, is inseparable associated with the bright side of life, its grandeur and unforgettable beauty… The peacock is a symbol of the sun and royalty, a symbol of power and nobility. He can also personify pure, true love, and romance, and be associated with longevity and immortality.

Often there is an image of only the tail or feathers of a peacock, and it most often serves to simplify the transfer of the image of the most mysterious peacock bird.

Among the ancient Greeks, the image of a peacock’s tail with multi-colored patterns and precious stones was a symbol of the endless sky, decorated with stars. In Buddhist culture, peacock feathers, or rather a fan of them, was a famous symbol of compassion and vigilance. In Chinese traditions, the emperor could give a peacock feather as a sign of his good disposition, therefore for the Chinese such a feather has become a symbol of belonging to the upper strata of society, a sign of the highest dignity and greatness. In Hinduism, the peacock is an attribute of the goddess Saraswati, the patroness of wisdom, music and poetry.

Peacocks have often accompanied representatives of the pantheon of gods in myths and religions. Even in Christian traditions, some reverence for peacocks has formed as a symbol inviolability, holiness and divine reverence. In Rome, peacock feathers were the emblem of the empress and her daughters and a symbol of femininity.

The meaning of the peacock feather tattoo is fundamentally different from the feathers of other birds: an eagle or an owl, which were often used, for example, in the national tattoo of the American Indians. After all, it does not mean strength and courage for struggle and survival, but embodies the opposite tenderness and greatness

The peacock feather in the modern interpretation is accepted by society mainly as a rare jewel. It is a symbol of the elite, a sign of exaltation and wealth… Peacocks are incredibly beautiful, therefore they are very rare birds, since ancient times they have decorated the estates and castles of princes and nobles, that is, they were not available to everyone and were considered a symbol royal glory and spiritual superiority

A tattoo with a peacock feather is ideal for a gentle and timid girl, the feather emphasizes the ease in actions and thoughts, and is also a hint of natural beauty and irresistibility… Peacocks are a symbol of pride, friendliness, sometimes – a happy family life.

But it is not uncommon for a peacock’s tattoo to be credited with a somewhat negative meaning, considering it a symbol narcissism and pride, a symbol of vanity and one-sided development, the development of only the body, but not the soul. But this value appeared much later than all positive ones. Without a doubt, the peacock bird stands out very strongly from all other birds, due to all of the above. Therefore, a tattoo with a peacock or its feather is perfect for a bright, extraordinary and non-standard person.

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