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The meaning of the pegasus tattoo

Values: wisdom, speed, fortitude, spirit, inspiration, muse

Few tattoo designs compare in beauty and meaning to a pegasus. Indeed, in addition to its originality, this symbol is saturated with ancient mythology and shrouded in legends and secrets. Therefore, at the first glance at such a tattoo, the mystery provides a good interest in this symbol from others.

The image of the pegasus came to modern tattoo art directly from ancient Greek mythology, where the pegasus is a white, winged horse that acts as a revered, famous deity. Pegasus was the son of the god of the seas and oceans Poseidon and Medusa the gorgon. Following one of the myths, this one was born from the body of the Gorgon-Medusa, whom Perseus killed when saving his beloved Andronicus. Then the pegasus ascended to Mount Olympus and served Zeus himself, delivering thunder and lightning for him. But the pegasus received its celebrity only after a perfect feat. The fact is that this strong deity managed to knock out, get out of the ground the source and patroness of all muses, Hippocrene, which serves as an inspiration for all poets and creators. Therefore, the pegasus can often be called “horse muses“.

But it should not be forgotten that this is not an ordinary horse, and it has no resemblance to the meaning of a horse tattoo. And according to the myth, it cannot be caught in the usual way, for this you only need a valuable, golden bridle.

Without a doubt, pegasus is a pure, sacred animal-deity, it symbolizes strength and speed, endurance and resilience, and also embodies wisdom and spiritual development.… Therefore, in the heraldry of medieval Europe, the ego was often depicted on the arms of scientists and thinkers.

During World War II, the pegasus was used as a symbol and emblem of the British military airborne forces. And to this day, this winged horse is used as an emblem of air transport and speed.

But best of all, the most ancient properties and values ​​of Pegasus have survived to this day. Therefore, it often serves as a sign of inspiration for poets, musicians and artists.… And it is not without reason that in fiction the well-established expression “Ride Pegasus” means to be or to become a poet. And one of the ancient church mythographers VI in Fulgentius called the pegasus a sign of heavenly glory, because both glory and pegasus are winged and are exalted to heaven itself.

By the way, the image of a pegasus as a source of inspiration must be perceived both in a symbolic and in a literal sense, because in Greece the sacred mythological source of Hippocrenus, which appeared from the blow of a pegasus’s hoof, still beats from the ground. The self-name “Hippocrene” is translated from the Greek language as “horse and hoof.” I think it is clear that the meaning of the pegasus tattoo is filled with real meaning and worthy of respect. And for a person who wants to give an example of an incredibly beautiful, unusual and meaningful tattoo, it will do just right.

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