Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the ring tattoo

Values: freedom, sadness, regret, aggression, disobedience

Today you can often see people wearing finger tattoos, which visually resemble rings from a distance. The symbolic meaning of a tattoo on the fingers is determined by the pattern itself, which is chosen for such smallbut such a symbolic tattoo.

In the criminal world, rings have long become an integral part of tattoo art. There are a huge number of them and more and more new ones appear every day. But, like all other prison tattoos, the rings have a special symbolic meaning only for their wearer. They reflect some facts of his biography and express the attitude and worldview of a person.… As a rule, ring tattoos use the same images, objects, animals and abbreviations as in other Zonov tattoos. These symbols have approximately the same meaning on the fingers and on the other part of the body.

From the side of an ordinary, not seated person, ring this impeccable trappings of criminals… The number of rings on the hands often corresponds to the number of convictions. It should be noted that rings are a very informative type of tattoos, perhaps one of the most informative. According to them, you can find out at what age and for what crime a person got to the zone, under what regimes he had to serve his sentence, how he behaved in relation to his brothers, how he treated the cops, to freedom and to his life. Also, by the tattoos on the fingers, one can determine the position of the criminal in the traditional criminal hierarchy, or find out his plans for the future.

For the meaning of finger tattoos, the picture itself is important. Its color, configuration, signs and symbols depicted on it, letters and abbreviations, if any. Some rings can be applied to everyone sitting, some must be earned, and some of them are generally applied to the zone by force. As a rule, lighter rings are associated with freedom, and carry notes of regret and sadness, while richer, darker ones express aggression and rebelliousness, but this is not always the case.

Many rings have their own “name”, it is invented on the zone for ease of use and memorization. Ring tattoos all over the world today, tattoos are of increasing interest among those who are sitting and among the submissive.

But it is not recommended to prick rings just like that, because it can be great to ask for it. I must admit that women criminals also often put ring tattoos on their fingers, but the purpose of the application is not much different from men’s ring tattoos. To divide the rings in the criminal world, all sorts of symbolic images are used, often there are suits of playing cards, geometric shapes and all sorts of signs of the cross. All the images depicted on the ring are usually primitive, since there is no overly complex pattern on the finger (which is about 1 cm2 ) you can’t draw.

In some cases, it matters which finger the tattoo is on. And to generalize the tattoo, the rings can be divided according to the categories of the most convicts who prefer them: denied signs, pacifists, thieves, etc.

I think that a finger ring tattoo is one of those tattoos that should not be taken simply as a harmless drawing. The meaning of the rings in the tattoo speaks for itself, and does not make mistakes. For young and ambitious people who want to get a tattoo on their fingers, it is better to put letters, inscriptions or some kind of neutral symbols on them, but you should not resort to rings without an obvious reason.

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