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The meaning of the sakura tattoo

Values: justice, youth, life, sadness, suffering

The meaning of the sakura tattoo is inextricably linked to the culture and traditions of the country of Japan. Sakura is the most beautiful, oldest and most famous symbol of Japan.… For many centuries, sakura flowers have been the most beloved flowers of the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun. With its beauty and grace, sakura is identified with the aesthetic principles and culture of Japan.

Hanami – a holiday of admiring sakura, has become the most beloved tradition of the Japanese and is included in the list of official holidays and ceremonies. Sakura bloom does not last very long, from two to three days to several hours, depending on the weather. Even the slightest impulse of faith can inadvertently lead to the fragile cherry blossom flower scattering in petals and disappearing. Therefore, sakura has always been considered a symbol of the transience and decay of life

Also in Japan, sakura is considered a sad symbol. There is a story about a fearless and brave resident of a Japanese village named Sakura, who, unable to endure humiliation and beatings from his master, appeared in the face of the great and just Shogun with a request to punish the cruel prince. As proof of the beatings, Sakura brought his little children, whose backs were streaked, with the prince’s whip. Then the punished owner of the village brutally took revenge on Sakura, tying his children to a tree of cherry blossoms and constipation to death …

Blooming ever since sakura, as a symbol of innocence and purity, reminds of suffering and grief

A sakura tattoo was applied to the back of Japanese princes, emperors, as a symbol of devotion to their country. In the decomposition depicting a tiger, the meaning of the sakura tattoo was defined as a symbol of power and justice.

In Buddhism, sakura is considered a symbol of the frailty and impermanence of being, in poetry she is often associated with a bygone youth and love.

Blooming sakura – a symbol of female youth and beauty, her pale pink flower embodies all the inexhaustible tenderness and harmony of a woman in the meaning of a tattoo. A sakura branch that blooms can mean the beginning of a life’s journey. Sometimes sakura is perceived as a symbol of perseverance, because the flowers on this tree appear much earlier than the leaves. She embodies the essence of Japanese philosophy. Blooming sakura – a symbol of lost hope or love

The cycle of cherry blossoms is very often identified with the cycle of human life, the sakura reminds us that each of the people will be born, blossom … then bloom, fall in love and die in the arms of the cold wind …

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