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The meaning of the salamander tattoo

Values: rebirth, calmness, fortitude, chastity, renewal

In tattoo, as in modern art, the salamander is most often depicted as a small wingless dragon, surrounded by fiery flames.

Alchemists consider the salamander a unique animal, because according to them it “lives on fire and feeds on fire”, it is called the spirit of fire, and its bite was considered one of the most deadly in ancient times. The ancients believed that this animal is able to live in fire, because it always has a very cold body, besides, its color also coincides in color with the tongues of flame. In addition, in some works of Aristotle and Pliny, it is said that the salamander is able to even extinguish fire with the coldness of its body.

Salamander used to be considered asexual animal, therefore in medieval Europe, she became a symbol of the struggle against carnal passions and desires, and in Christianity – a symbol of chastity, virtue and steadfastness of faith… Therefore, Francis I – the French king, developing arts and literature, chose the salamander as his emblem and royal symbol, carrying it under the motto: “I cherish good and drive out evil.” In ancient and medieval Britain, this animal signified military courage and courage.

Salamander is one of the few vertebrates that have not lost the ability to regenerate, therefore the meaning of a salamander tattoo may contain the properties of revival and restoration, like a lizard tattoo… Another feature of the salamander is the interesting fact that it has a different number of toes on its front and hind legs.

Resistance to fire has led to the use of the image of the salamander as the emblem of the fire departments and stripes on the uniform of firefighters. The salamander leads an evening and nocturnal lifestyle, avoiding sunlight and open areas, therefore it became a symbol of calmness and self-confidence, indifference and constancy

The meaning of the salamander tattoo largely coincides with the meaning of the phoenix tattoo – a fiery immortal bird. Only the phoenix, obeying, commands the fiery element, and the salamander embodies resilience and invincibility.

Another interesting information about this animal is given to us by German philosophy of the twentieth century, the fact is that it divides the whole nature and habitat into shells, subject to four elements. And if living organisms can live in water, in the air, and in the earth, then is there not an animal that could also live in a shell that obeys the fourth element – fire. And it is the salamander that has become such a universal animal, which can live peacefully in fire. Although the phenomenon of fiery habitation of salamanders occurs in nature very rarely, therefore, not everyone can see it live.

As you can see among animals for a tattoo, the salamander deserves respect and attention due to its rare, unique ability.

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