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The meaning of the scorpion tattoo

Values: death, danger, pain, loneliness, justice

A tattoo depicting a scorpion is found quite often today, and combines many different symbols. The scorpion is considered one of the most dangerous and respected animals in nature.

Among African tribes, the attitude towards the scorpion was two-sided. He was considered a symbol of revenge and a messenger of death, but at the same time appreciated the justice and perseverance embodied in him. Warriors worshiped him. Scorpio was considered the judge who can kill or heal at the same timebut healing must be earned.

For the Indians of North America, the scorpion was the embodiment of the mother goddess, who ruled over the souls of dead people and assigned them punishments for their actions during their lifetime.

In ancient Egypt, the scorpion was the sign of the goddess Selket, the patroness of dead souls. He was often depicted at the entrance to the tombs as a sacred, protective talisman.

In the eastern, in particular Japanese, culture, the scorpion was a symbol of wisdom and justice… And depicted together with a flower, it could mean long married life and eternal love

The scorpion also found its meaning in Greco-Roman mythology – it became a weapon for murder. The goddess Artemis, using the sting of a scorpion, destroyed Orion, then Zeus depicted him as stars in the sky. In medieval art, this animal was considered a symbol of betrayal, envy and hatred

The scorpion tattoo is of particular importance for the military. He is a symbol of bravery, the desire to fight to the end and not lose pride under any circumstances. It is stuffed by soldiers who took part in hostilities in hot spots.

The meaning of a scorpion tattoo can also manifest itself as a symbol of self-sacrifice and nobility, passion and control, protection and brave death

Separately, you need to highlight the meaning of the tattoo. scorpio as a zodiac sign… A person born under this sign is characterized by high emotions and feelings, good intuition, perseverance and self-confidence.

It is not uncommon for a scorpion to be symbol of duality: he seems small, harmless and humble, and at the same time possesses a deadly weapon that brings fear to those who look at him. Such a tattoo is often done by people who want to emphasize their inner spiritual strength.

The meaning of the scorpion tattoo on the zone is also unusual. For criminals, he was a symbol of loneliness and betrayal… He was usually portrayed by prisoners who were tortured for many years in solitary confinement.

And so the combination of all of the above in one single image gave us such a wonderful tattoo as the scorpion tattoo, which has been widely used for many years by men and women equally actively around the world.

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