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The meaning of the seagull tattoo

Values: independence, freedom, tenderness, joy, disobedience

The seagull is a symbol of freedom and independence, it is one of the first associations with the sea and embodies all the beauty and tenderness of a bird’s eye view.

Seagull tattoos are often done by sailors and fishermen. For sailors and captains, such a bird serves as a constant reminder of home, of their relatives and loved ones who were left to wait on land. A seagull for a sailor is the most important and most pleasant bird, its appearance on the ship brings good luck and speaks of an imminent arrival home. Fishermen tattoo themselves seagulls as a symbol of the fishing itself. After all, it is impossible for a person to catch fish as well and successfully as seagulls do. But the desire for this found its manifestation in the meaning of the seagull tattoo.

A tattoo containing a drawing or image of a seagull also has a certain meaning in the section of prison tattoos. First of all, a seagull above the waves, like a flying dove, symbolizes, regret for lost time, and understanding the price of freedom… It is not uncommon for prisoners to find the abbreviation ЛСКЧВ, which means “Love freedom like a seagull love water!“. On the ring, the sun and seagulls, separated by a diagonal line, denote lost youth, and are considered a female tattoo. They are applied to women who served their first term in an educational, labor colony. Sometimes a seagull is stuffed on the right hand by thieves on tour. And if it is drawn against the background of a shield with a stripe, it is a sign of friendship, which was before the conclusion. Such longing at will is applied to the hand or forearm.

The seagull is applied by free, bright people who respect their opinions more than others, to some extent even a sign of self-confidence and vanity, because a seagull is an animal that does not know and does not recognize any restrictions and prohibitions: “Wherever I want, I fly there!”

For some people, the meaning of a seagull tattoo conveys the height of the spirit, the power of the soul’s flight, lightness and innocence.As a migratory bird, the seagull can be a symbol of impermanence and betrayal. It can also be perceived as a sign of desperate revenge, because the seagull can unkindly break the eggs of other birds, throwing them from a great height. But this is already the tenth meaning of a seagull tattoo, in general, a seagull in a tattoo is a young, beautiful and kind bird. The embodiment of youth and first love. For many, it serves as a reminder of the sea and of a pleasant pastime on it. It is applied by those who like to travel and change their lives every day.

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