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The meaning of the ship tattoo

Even in very ancient times, sailors put tattoos on their bodies, but they did not do this with the aim of decorating it in any way. The tattoos were applied for a special purpose, so that they could be identified after a shipwreck and buried, observing all maritime traditions. For this reason, nautical tattoos were applied to every sailor.

The most popular image was a ship or sketches of a ship, which is quite logical (usually they were sailing ships). Such a tattoo on the sailor’s body made it clear that he had overcome a difficult and dangerous seafaring area – Cape Horn. Due to strong currents and winds, this site is recognized as the most difficult in the world. Also sailboat tattoo means “seaman’s grave”… On such tattoos, the sailboat is usually submerged in water, reefs or stones.

But quite often the ship carried a tattoo the value of the amulet, along with tattoos such as skulls, demons and others. Do not forget that tattoos have another meaning, namely, Russian thieves in prison tattoos. Their ship means the urge to escape… But despite this, the ship has always been a symbol striving for change, a prosperous life path and the search for better lands to live in

Who is this tattoo suitable for? Very often it is applied by creative people who constantly need material for creativity and they are looking for it. If you are an avid traveler and like to change your place of residence often, then a tattoo in the form of a ship will be the perfect symbol for you, because it implies meaning striving for excellence

If you take sailboats, then they symbolize fickleness and daydreaming, such a tattoo will suit a young girl well. And a sailboat with scarlet sails means a symbol of expectation of some wonderful transformations and interesting events in your life. It is possible that by applying such a tattoo, your life will change for the better, or rather, you will want to change it. All your dreams will come true, and the scarlet sails will surely overtake you.

There is also another ship tattoo that has the meaning of power and the desire to conquer, it symbolizes the raster ship. This image is suitable for men with a tendency to be consistent. If you are a solid person who is engaged in serious business, then this is exactly what you need. In a word, a tattoo with a ship and its meaning is very extensive and has a lot of meanings, so everyone chooses one that is peculiar to himself.

As for where it is better to place the tattoo with the ship, it does not really matter. On the shoulder, chest, back, leg, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is what meaning do you put into the tattoo being applied.

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