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The meaning of the sun tattoo

Values: power, wisdom, enlightenment, holiness

Over the years, the sun tattoo has acquired the meaning of the highest cosmic force, the center of being and the source of intuitive hidden knowledge.

The sun in a tattoo occurs very often, alone or in a composition with other symbols. As an image for a tattoo, the sun has an ancient and rich history. And this is not surprising, because all known cultures and civilizations necessarily had a deity embodying the sun, or the solar circle itself was an object of worship. After all, the sun was and is the main source of light, warmth and life on earth. People have always realized this and revered the sun as a deity that gives life to everyone. However, the cult of the sun among some nationalities still exists.

Images of the sun can be found in the drawings of primitive people, so the sun tattoo is classified as an ancient symbol. It takes pride of place in the pantheon of spiritual systems and beliefs. All the first calendars in the world are associated with the sun. In almost all cultures, there are myths about how the sun was born or how its sunrises and sunsets occur.

In many pantheons of divine symbols, the sun was the supreme deity. So in Egypt, the supreme god Ra, the embodiment of the sun and the patron saint of the pharaohs, is well known. Solar deities, as a rule, were assigned the abilities of omniscience and omnipotence.

In Kievan Rus, the sun was a symbol of power and wisdom… In Slavic culture, the sun was represented in the image of the god Khors – a golden-haired horseman riding a chariot across the sky.

The meaning of the sun tattoo is well expressed in the ancient Celts, as a symbol of eternity and the unification of earth and sky… The Celtic sun, woven from knots, was depicted with tongues of flame. And the solar circle, as a symbolic image of it, is necessarily present on every Celtic cross. Among the Aztecs, it embodied the pure spirit and freedom of the wind.

In Christianity, the sun is a symbol of God and the Word of God, bringing righteous life and eternity, it often acts as an emblem of the bearers of the Word of God. The sun of righteousness, the sun that gives true light, means enlightenment and holiness.

The sun is the symbol of Japan. In Japanese culture, it was embodied in the goddess of women and snakes, Amaterasu, who owns the sunrises and sunsets. The Jews: Divine Will and Guidance. In Greek mythology, it was called the all-seeing eye of Zeus. Among the Maori tribes, the Sun together with the Moon are the eyes of Heaven. In the field of astrology, the Sun – it is life itself, the character embodied in each person, her heart and aspiration

The meaning of the sun tattoo is always positive, it means the light soul of the wearer, his energy and wisdom. It’s believed that such a tattoo brings good luck in all endeavors

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