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The meaning of the tattoo death with a scythe

Values: luck, fear, evil, amulet, horror

This is one of those tattoos that are clearly not for the faint of heart. On cowardly and timid people, a tattoo of death with a scythe immediately brings fear and horror.

The meaning of the tattoo death with a scythe is suitable for people who are not afraid of anything in this life and do not listen to anyone… After all, a person who is afraid of death will not put it on his body as a tattoo, and if he is not afraid of death, then he is not afraid of anything else.

If such a tattoo is depicted in a decomposition with playing cards, it means a game with death – win or die. This tattoo can express some of the atheistic sentiments of individuals or groups of people. It is believed that the depiction of death preaches Satanism and evil.

But there is also an opposite opinion, asserting that the tattoo of death on the human body can become the strongest talisman, and protect it from dangers and troubles. Such a tattoo is done by people who call themselves “lucky”, therefore the meaning of the scythe death tattoo often embodies bad luck and constant risk… In some literature, the scythe death tattoo is referred to as a well-known sign of the vandalists. Modern bikers sometimes use it as a symbol of good luck.

Do you know why they began to depict death with a scythe? Our death – a skeleton in a hood, received this attribute during the time of the terrible plague in Germany (14th century), when people died in hundreds, thousands, and a well-established expression appeared: “Death mows everyone down.” Over time, Christian ideas about the depiction of death began to be rebuilt, so the opinion was born that death with the help of a scythe cuts off the soul from the body, and thereby helps the human eternal soul to leave the mortal body and ascend to heaven. For the first time in art, death was depicted with a scythe by Dürer in his engraving “Knight, Death and the Devil” and since the Renaissance, the scythe has become a constant attribute of death. But in neutral West and East Asia, death, regardless of the Europeans, also began to be depicted with a scythe. Perhaps someone did see death and could then describe its appearance.

Even in Christian scripture, there is an allegorical comparison of the entire human race with a wheat field, and sooner or later death, like a merciless reaper, will come and reap the fruits with its scythe, so that good ears will fall into the granary of the Heavenly Father, and the bad ones remain and be burned by hellish flames.

On the positive side, it can be noted that death is directly involved in the process of rebirth and renewal of life on earth and all nature. Without her, life would be impossible, because everything that once begins must sometime and end.

For prisoners, a death tattoo with a scythe means: “Capable of murder”, that is, it was done mainly by people who consider themselves dangerous to society, or such a tattoo can become a warning: “I will get to you!”, A reminder that death always walks nearby.

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