Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the tattoo mask

Values: sadness, fear, betrayal, joy, horror, licimerie

The tattoo with the image of masks is quite new and very interesting, it combines truthful realism, inner philosophy and the cruel truth of the world. In addition, such a tattoo is very stylish and beautiful. The specific meaning of a mask tattoo depends on which mask and in what context is depicted in the picture. Today, only four types of masks are often used in tattoo art: theatrical masks, Venetian masks, Hollywood masks, and the Chania mask. Further details about each of them.

Theatrical masks first appeared in the theaters of Ancient Greece and Rome, there were only two types of them: comic and tragic. Over time, a pair of these masks became the emblem of all theatrical art. The mask served as a way of emotional expression for the actor. The first theatrical performances were held in honor of the god of winemaking Dionysus, scenarios were played out there, and myths in which gods and people participated. Tragic masks meant sadness and despair, comic ones – joy and laughter. A pair of such masks means the variability of images and human roles in this life.

Venetian masks used for the famous Venetian carnivals, they were made mainly of gold leaf and decorated with precious stones. Venetian masks are designed to level all participants in the carnival at least for a short time, erasing all social, material and external differences. Venetian mask tattoo suggests that all people are the same and equal… Such a mask was allowed to be worn strictly during the carnival, for wearing it in everyday life, men were sentenced to two years in prison, and women were publicly flogged. And the carnival itself was a breath of freedom for people, an occasion to have fun and take a break from daily work and constant prohibitions, because a person wearing a mask felt neither shame, promiscuity, nor recklessness.

Hollywood masks came into our lives and in tattoos from the plots of Hollywood horror films. The main purpose of such a tattoo is to instill fear and horror in others. It is a symbol of secrecy, protection, illusion and danger, a symbol of deception, cruelty and bloodthirstiness.

Chania mask – This is a famous image from the symbolism of Japanese tattoos. According to legend, this mask depicts an angry, vengeful and jealous girl who turned into a demon. The reason for this was not mutual, but strong love for the wandering monk. This scary mask with horns, scary teeth and black eyes expresses emotions of anger and resentment… Also, the meaning of the Chania mask tattoo is overwhelming breath of passionbecause the girl in the form of a demon found her lover and burned him with her fiery breath.

A tattoo in the form of one or a pair of masks is a very original, unusual and interesting solution. The meanings of the mask tattoo are somewhat similar in meaning to the meanings of the “sad clown” tattoo.

“Our whole life is just a theater, and we are actors in it,” says the proverb, and each person has to play their different roles throughout life. So the tattoo of masks became a symbol acting and the hidden side of the personality… Also, a tattoo mask can be a good amulet, like the shamans of Africa and Oceania.

Today, tattoos with masks have become especially popular among creative people, for example, Mikhail Galustyan has such a tattoo.

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