Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the tiger tattoo

Values: power, strength, wisdom, rage, passion, anger

The meaning of tiger tattoos is quite interesting and varied. In general, the tiger is associated with a number of the following symbols: strength, rage, ferocity, power, royal dignity, passion and sensuality, modesty and beauty, cruelty and anger. The meaning depends on the context in which and in what culture the image is viewed.

In Asia, the tiger replaces and embodies all the meanings of the eastern lion – the ruler of all animals. The tiger is very often associated with military prowess. The image of the tiger has become a military emblem in India.

In China, there is a legend about five tigers who guard the cardinal points and its center. The black tiger guards the north, the red guard the south, the blue guard the east, and the white ones guard the west and center. The Chinese god of wealth also sat astride a tiger and was the patron saint of passion and risk in people’s lives. In some regions of China, it is believed that tigers attack only sinners as punishment from the gods. However, the image of this beast is still used by the Chinese to scare away evil spirits from people’s homes. Pregnant women always carry his image with them to protect their unborn child.

Koreans call the tiger “the king of beasts.” In Hindu culture, the god Shiva, at the moments of manifestation of his angry qualities, is depicted in a tiger’s skin, riding a tiger.

In the West, the image of the tiger is much less common. But, nevertheless, in Greco-Roman mythology, tigers often replaced leopards harnessed to the chariot of the god of winemaking – Dionysus. Depicted in a cage, a tiger can mean restrained or conquered passions or feelings. The tiger is the third sign of the Chinese horoscope, people born under this sign are usually emotional and have tremendous spiritual strength… In the Buddhist religion, the tiger has become the embodiment of anger.

A tiger with an open mouth is often found in the section of prison tattoos and expresses the ability of the tattoo wearer to stand up for himself and for his loved ones or friends. Or a tiger tattoo is applied by prisoners who are embittered with power.

The tiger and dragon remain the main images in the Yin-Yang symbol. The tiger personifies the feminine principle – Yin. It is believed that if a person dreamed about this animal, then soon a hidden power or a long-forgotten passion will wake up in him.

As you can see, the meaning of a tiger tattoo is determined by the very qualities of this animal. The tiger attracts understanding with its greatness and grace, nobility and fury.… He often embodies opposites: he can be bloodthirsty and wise at the same time, mean humility and savagery, be a symbol of life and death, a representative of evil and good. For this he was always treated with respect and reverence.

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