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The meaning of the treble clef tattoo

Values: music, joy, creativity, inspiration

The treble clef in the art of tattooing and its meaning is not easy to describe, because this tattoo is relatively new and very modern. Although the treble clef symbol itself originated in Italy in the middle of the 11th century, the key tattoo did not appear until the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, the meaning of the treble clef tattoo is now just being formed. The treble clef in a tattoo, as a means of self-expression, is very suitable for creative people, whose life and work is closely related to music.

The meaning of the treble clef tattoo mainly tells that its bearer devoted his life to creativity, and declares that “music is always with me.”

In music and in tattooing, there are three types of treble clef, which have a different image:

– key “salt” on this key notes for violin, piano, most percussion and wind instruments, female vocal parts are written. The old French key can be called a variety (no longer used).

– key “fa” or bass clef, cello, double bass and bassoon parts, vocal parts of bass and baritone are written on it.

– clef “C” or alto clef, music for violas and trombones is written on it.

Another purpose for the treble clef tattoo was a reminder of the past cheerful life, of the past years of youth and joy. Therefore, for some people, such a tattoo can become a sign of longing. On the tattoo zone, a treble clef also means a fun, riotous life in freedom.

This symbol in the tattoo has become an expression of an endless love for music, and can be perceived as a call to action.

The treble clef can make a good female tattoo and is often depicted in decomposition with other female symbols, although it looks good on men too. This tattoo has already been applied by famous musicians and many stars of domestic and world show business.

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