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The meaning of the tree tattoo

Values: beauty, rebirth, immortality, renewal, eternity, beginning, end

The tree is considered one of those images that have a real, deep, symbolic meaning. Trees are different, so the meaning of a tree tattoo directly depends on which tree and in what context is depicted on the body. But in general the image of a tree in a tattoo means natural dynamic growth and development, the renewal and cyclical nature of life, the support of the universe and the connection between heaven and earth… Also, the tree is considered a symbol of fertility and immortality. In many epic myths and legends, trees are represented as living creatures: they move, breathe, communicate with each other and have special magical abilities.

The most famous and frequent example of a tree tattoo is the well-known tree of life; it has a unique symbolic meaning. The tree of life is found in many cultures and religions. In Christianity, the tree of life was the main plant of the Garden of Eden and grew in the middle of paradise, next to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, from which the first people ate the forbidden fruit. Thus, the Fall closed the way for man to the tree of life. This tree has become a symbol of the development of mankind and the constant connection of all living things with God. The fruits and leaves of the tree of life bring salvation and health to righteous nations and people.

The ancient Celts had the concept of the World Tree, which was associated with the only universal center of the world. According to Celtic myths, a sacred tree grows at the end of each of the four sides of the world, and the fifth in its center. A similar idea of ​​the five sacred trees can be found on the other side of the planet – among the ancient Aztec tribes in Central America. In the Celtic tree of life, the roots and branches are united in a single circle, thereby indicating the infinity of life and its continuity. Famous Celtic crosses often look like the world tree. A similar tree of life is also known in Slavic culture; its image is found in embroidery and on spinning wheels. There it symbolizes the person himself, as the source of life and development. This tree is rooted in the ground, and with branches it reaches the sky, thereby it connects descendants and ancestors who live in different worlds. The Tree of Life is the beginning of all beginnings, this is the birth of life itself. In Egypt, the main deities Isis and Osiris emerged from the tree of life. In China, such a tree was guarded by dragons, and it was considered a symbol of immortality. Such a tattoo can become a sign of eternal life and its Creator.

The tree is a symbol of physical and moral strength and beauty.… But real trees have more real meaning. So birch has become a symbol of femininity, innocence and purity. Beech means endurance of character, honor and fullness of life. Oak is a symbol of power, strength of mind and body. The meaning of the spruce tree tattoo is longevity, uniqueness and reliability, as well as a symbol of health restoration.… Bamboo is associated with youth and death. Willow is a symbol of sadness, tranquility and feminine tenderness; in ancient Egypt, she was a sign of singers and poets.

It becomes clear that the tree in the tattoo is not just a beautiful picture, it has tremendous meaning and symbolic essence. A tree tattoo is suitable for everyone.

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