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The meaning of the watch tattoo

Values: death, life, development, eternity, time, inevitability

Any watch is the most obvious a symbol of time, a symbol of the mutability of the world, constant movement, an attribute of eternity, which has its limit… The meanings of the clock tattoo are somewhat similar to the meaning of the sakura tattoo, they symbolize transience and decay of life

Very often, a watch is tattooed as memory of some important event in life (not always pleasant) so that the clock counts down the time that has passed since then, or the memory of an event that awaits in the future. The watch image has a deep philosophical and personal essence. Such a tattoo can become permanent a reminder of impending death, coming to everyone and everyone, because death, like time, does not spare anyone and does not make exceptions.

And for some, a tattoo of a clock, on the contrary, serves as a reminder that he is still alive, that he still has time. Such a drawing, in its own way, encourages the tattoo bearer not to waste his time in vain, live to the fullest and do what he wants, learn the secrets of life, and just enjoy it. Expresses the desire to do today everything that you want to postpone until tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. There is only now.

A clock without hands is a symbol of an empty life, an existence that is not filled with events and is not warmed by memories. Timeless clocks are also done as a sign of regret for a lost life, or a desire to stop keeping track of time.

After all, time is actually the most important and most valuable thing that we can have in this life. After all, time is a measure of movement, and eternity is a measure of being, and not vice versa. Therefore, while you are still alive, you need to live in motion and not waste time on trifles and useless things. A reasonable person always wants to evaluate and calculate everything that happens in order to fill every moment of his life with events, joy and benefit.

Among the Greeks in antiquity, watches embodied the ideas of inevitability and inexorableness, and were associated with such gods: the supreme god, the thunderer Zeus, Themis – the goddess of justice and divination, Helios – the sun god.

Time is a symbol of the transition of any process from the starting point (birth) to the end (death). Time is the reason for development, growth and then aging, this is the very thief who steals our life from us in a second. And the prisoners, for example, put into the tattoo of the clock the meaning of the time spent in the zone or the time remaining until the end of the term.

As you can see, the meaning of the clock tattoo is different, because someone spends time to dream of a beautiful death, and someone thinks how to live a beautiful life. The meaning of a clock tattoo can also express a life position in relation to things and events, when each event is accepted as inevitable, because if it were not inevitable, it would never have happened, and the meaning of choosing or throwing dice to make the right decision is lost. All that remains is the choice between chance and inevitability.

I think everyone understands that the clock tattoo is very worthy and far from meaningless. She can definitely express the philosophical views of the world and the self-consciousness of each person.

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