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The meaning of the web tattoo

Values: independence, danger, protection, disobedience, regret

The meaning of the spider web tattoo is well known to the prisoners. In criminal tattoos, Putin was used to count the years spent behind bars: the number of outer rings of the web is exactly the length of the line on the zone. But today this idea is gradually dispelled and expanded, and the spider web tattoo over time becomes an ordinary innocent beautiful picture, which is often used (especially by Americans) in order to emphasize their individuality and style. For them, she became a symbol of danger and “brutality”It can also mean dedication and self-confidence.

The spider web is a famous tattoo of drug addicts who have been in the zone. In the English colonies and prisons, such a tattoo means that its bearer denies all laws, states and colonies, that is, it is a symbol of rebellion and independence… A cobweb between the fingers means that a person needs drugs. And in some cases, such a tattoo can only be done by a person who killed a representative of a national minority in his country. In Russia, spider and web tattoos are widely used among skinheads and nationalists.

And among the American Indians, the meaning of the web tattoo expressed symbols of protection and inaccessibility.… The Indians hung cobwebs over the cradles of babies in order to protect them from evil spirits and prevent any harm. The very same spiders they venerated as sacred animals.

The meaning of a spider web tattoo on the elbow in some cases can mean loyalty to your ideas and principles.or express a desire to maintain your lifestyle. And a spider in a web was stabbed around his neck in the zone mainly for various violations of the regime and provocative actions. Cobweb – the thread along which the spider descends, is a symbol of remorse and regret, such a tattoo on the zone was done by thieves who tied it up.

It should be noted that the spider web is a direct association and an integral part of the meaning of the spider tattoo as a source of images and symbols for the spider web. Spiders are always associated with fear, wisdom, some mysticism and creativity.

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