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The meaning of the wind rose tattoo

Values: luck, purpose, valor, distinction

The wind rose tattoo is one of the few known criminal tattoos that has not only a special vivid meaning, but also a deep background and a mysterious essence.

The wind rose tattoo first began to be used by sailors, since for them the stars were always the guides and landmarks along the way, and the sea winds were their companions and assistants. Therefore, for them, the meaning of the wind rose tattoo has become especially important and necessary. This six-pointed star was a reminder of the goal that the sailor aspires to, a sign of his home and all the cardinal points. And in truth, before the invention of the compass, the life and path of the ancient sailors depended directly on the heavenly bodies. And sailors, by virtue of their superstition, often believed that such a tattoo could help them survive and point the right way in the oceans and seas, and also help overcome obstacles and find their way in the sea of ​​life, often stormy and cruel. Later, such a tattoo became a symbol of the highest award or high encouragement, a sign of valor and distinction. The wind rose was often applied by pirates.

The meaning of the wind rose tattoo is ideal not only for sailors, but also for just travelers., people striving to find freedom, external and often internal. This tattoo can be done by people with a very wide range of views and interests.

But, in addition to the above, the wind rose tattoo has found its own interpretation in the last century. This is very closely related to the criminal world. As an echo of pirate fearlessness and anger, the wind rose tattoo, which is found on the knees and shoulders of prisoners, most often denotes a prisoner belonging to the so-called “Thug diaspora”… The rose on my knees illustrates the challenge – “I won’t kneel!”.

But, as a rule, meanings such as the wind rose are very multifaceted and fickle. Therefore, today the wind rose, as an ancient symbol of travelers, a symbol of good luck and prosperity, is losing its former meaning. It is increasingly being used among young people and adolescents, as a rash antler drawing. All this is because for people, especially for the young and stupid, visual beauty is much more important than the prehistory and symbolic meaning hidden under age-old memorials.

The word “rose” in the title is a symbol of perfection, striving for beauty and indestructibility.

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