Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the wings tattoo

Values: freedom, protection, soul, lightness, purity, power

Not everyone can have wings. Not all people can get such a tattoo, and not everyone is worthy of it. The meaning of this tattoo must first be understood and realized, rising above the shadows of doubt and prejudice.

The meaning of the wing tattoo is very deep, symbolic and diverse. Basically, it depends on the color and shape of the wings and on which part of the body. Indeed, today the tattoo of wings is one of the most popular, therefore there are many different ways and styles in the image of such a tattoo.

Sometimes there is an image of wings clipped, or scorched by fire, they are called the wings of the vain, the wings of Satan or fallen angels. Black wings, or bat wings, often worn by the Goths, are always associated with evil and danger. The meaning of the wing tattoo on the back has found its symbolic essence in places of confinement, where this tattoo means the flight of the soul and the desire for lost freedom.

A butterfly wing tattoo can represent a human soul desiring ascension to heaven. Such a tattoo can often mean symbolic protection of a person.

The meaning of a tattoo of wings on the back for a person means exaltation over the world, with its problems and vanity, or an irrepressible desire will at least outwardly resemble the messengers of heaven – winged angels. Angel wings, as a rule, are large and wide, they mean innocence and childish simplicity, high spiritual strength and purity. For girls, such a tattoo can become a symbol of divine beauty, inviolability and purity of the female image. And for a man – a way to stand out from the crowd and a sign of spiritual kindness.

The meaning of the tattoo of wings covered with scales embodies the pinnacle of the dragon’s strength and its rebelliousness. And the ancient Egyptian artists and creators of applied arts used wings as a symbol of the power and greatness of the pharaoh.

If there is an image of wings and a heart, it means a union of two inseparable and eternal feelings: love and trust, because love without trust is evil and dangerous, and trust without love is cruel and fickle.

Wing tattoos can be a symbolic tribute to the worshiped once, or even today, winged gods or deities. In addition to angels and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, this list includes the Greek messenger of the gods – Hermes, the god of night sleep and his son – Hypnos and Morpheus, the goddess Nemesis, harpies, griffins, and, of course, disobedient Fortune, and many others. If they depict wings with feathers flying off from them, this indicates that the person who carries the tattoo is incredibly tired, he was tormented by worldly problems and the injustice of the time.

As you know, the most popular area for tattooing wings is the area of ​​the shoulder blades and back, but the wings look very good on other parts of the body: lower back, neck, shoulders (for girls). Therefore, by choosing the appropriate size, color and shape, you will be able to determine your personal meaning for a wing tattoo.

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