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The meaning of the Yin-Yang tattoo

Values: life, balance, opposite, struggle

The Yin-Yang symbol, popular today and often used in tattooing, begins its history from ancient Chinese mythology. The essence of this symbol lies in the unification of two opposites into one, it was the most famous symbol of balance and struggle. Yin and yang are always opposite forces:

Yin – a symbol of the feminine principle, death, earth, moon and even numbers, darkness, etc.

YAN – a symbol of the masculine principle, life, sky, sun and odd numbers, light, etc.

A single and indivisible yin-yang is a symbol of world unity, which helps to resolve all contradictions and problems, it strengthens the vitality of a person and bestows inner balance in difficult situations.

It should be noted that these opposites are depicted in a circle, which has become a symbol of infinity, which suggests that their opposition is eternal. Ancient Guenon views yin-yang as an image of a universal vortex that swirled and combined the opposites that gave rise to its perpetual motion.

In the art of Feng Shui, the yin-yang symbol denotes the unification and struggle of two main completely opposite types of energy. But, despite their opposite, these energies generate each other and cannot exist separately. And this constant interaction of opposites is the origin of everything that exists on earth, it generates and shapes life. And the essence of this interaction is absolute harmony. If one of the forces prevails or increases, and the second decreases, or vice versa, then everything collapses.

Yin-yang is a statement of a certain order of things in nature. It means the duality of all that exists, symbolizes the balance of nature and balance at the level of things. This balance is that events and signs of life complement each other, making up an overall normal state: growth and extinction, sadness and joy, gains and losses.

The meaning of a yin-yang tattoo can mean a person’s ability or desire to live and feel happy, regardless of whether a black or white stripe has come in his life, this tattoo is a symbol of peace of mind and harmony in himself.

In addition to opposites, this symbol also contains a certain mystical center, in which there is nothing, no movement, no worry, no struggle, no suffering.

As you can see, the meaning of the yin-yang tattoo is pretty definite and still interesting. This is one of the brightest, most beautiful, mysterious and universal symbols that Eastern culture has given us. Everyone can perceive it in their own way and endow this symbol with their own meaning and their own understandable meaning.

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