The meanings of a tattoo depicting celestial bodies: what the sun and moon say on the human body

Now, of course, most of the meanings of traditional tattoos have already been forgotten. Now these are just beautiful pictures with the most simple symbolic content, but with a high artistic component. However, one should not forget about the meaning and symbolism of some tattoos. And will tell you about them now.

The sun

Solar symbolism is one of the oldest. Even before the sun god Ra began to be worshiped in Egypt, semi-savage European and Asian tribes already actively worshiped the Sun as the main deity and the main driving force. And, of course, they applied tattoos with his image.

Therefore, the sun tattoo symbolizes both divine power, and good luck, and the constant patronage of higher powers, and leadership qualities, and much more. And the specific meaning is determined only by the style of the image. However, in general, the interpretation of the sun tattoo is unambiguous.


To understand how important the Moon played in the life of our ancestors, just remember that the lunar calendar appeared much earlier than the solar one. And for a very long time, people have been reckoning with the phases of the moon. In addition, the interpretation of the moon as a symbol is very diverse. This is the mutability of human nature, and a symbol of fertility, and a symbol of femininity with motherhood, and a sign of loneliness, and a sign of belonging to the secret arts. In general, if you know even a little bit of Greek mythology, then the moon tattoo symbolizes the goddess Hecate in all her many forms.


The star is a classic occult symbol with many meanings, depending on the number of rays. The pentagram is the same star, by the way. But in general, any star can be interpreted as a symbol of good luck, fulfillment of desires and protection from trouble. Well, the rest – it all depends on the style. An image of a starfish, for example, is a classic tattoo of sailors and travelers. A shooting star with a train is a symbol of good luck. And some constellation lined with asterisks is an attempt to enhance the influence of celestial bodies on the fate of a person.

The team reminds you that you don’t need to know these symbolic meanings. But there is no need to put stars on the shoulders – in some circles, this symbol is a status symbol. May require an explanation. And it is better not to wear the pentagram on the body. As for the six-rayed star – the Star of David, the Jews are categorically opposed to using it as a decoration. Even those who are directly related to her.

We also believe that it would be helpful for you to learn how to properly prepare for tattooing in order to get the best result. Still, this is a rather complex process, which can be influenced by many factors.

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