The Meghan Markle effect: girls massively paint freckles on their faces like the Duchess of Sussex

Freckles in the style of Meghan Markle have become a new trend in fashion in makeup. A sample of elegance inspires girls around the world to experiment with something unusual, says

Meghan Markle effect

The wedding image of Prince Harry’s wife has inspired many women around the world to copy the bride’s makeup and her luxurious dress.

Photo: Instagram @meghan_markle

But the main trend of the season was the freckles of the Duchess of Sussex. After the grandiose event in May 2018, tattoo artists have noticeably increased their work. Experts say that they are increasingly being approached by the fair sex, who want to get freckles, “like Megan’s.” Moreover, beauties make tattoos not temporary, but permanent, which speaks of the durability of the “Meghan Markle effect.”

Photo: Instagram @shaughnessy

“The Duchess’s style is in great demand in our clinic today. Meghan Markle’s love for natural makeup is passed on to the people of the people. And now many not only do not hide freckles on their faces, but deliberately paint them, ”said a cosmetologist at one of the prestigious clinics in London.

The expert also noted that he recommends that girls think carefully before getting a tattoo in the form of freckles, and asks those who want to be like Prince Harry’s wife to make an informed decision.

Photo: Instagram @shaughnessy

The specialist agrees that girls with freckles have a special charm, but only if this zest is given to them by nature.

“The tattoo on the face will be almost impossible to remove, and I do not know what women will do when the fashion for the Megan effect is over. That is why I recommend thinking carefully,” says the master.

The beautician recommends that girls use delicate brown shades and special pencils for drawing freckles on the face.

Photo: Instagram @shaughnessy

“Only after walking with them for several months or even years, and deciding that it suits you, I will make freckles on your face, like Megan Markle’s,” the cosmetologist states.

Earlier we reported that fashionistas sought to imitate Prince Harry’s wife long before the royal wedding. The model of the handbag, with which the former actress appeared in Nottingham, quickly became fashionable.

Main photo: Instagram @meghan_markle

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