The son of Elena Yakovleva overdid it with tattoos: Denis’s left hand became completely black

The son of Elena Yakovleva, Denis, overdid it with tattoos – his body is decorated with various drawings. But the actress does not condemn the style of the 26-year-old guy, on the contrary, she supports him in everything. But netizens consider Denis’s blackened hand to be too much and even advise him to find a job, says

Denis is the most precious treasure of Elena Yakovleva

On her personal Instagram page, Elena Yakovleva published a new family photo in which she was captured with her adult son Denis. A tall, strong, pumped-up guy gently hugs his parent, showing a large number of tattoos on a young body.

Elena, of course, accepts her child as he is. The actress dedicated a touching post to her son, confessing her love and expressing support.


“My only, my beloved, my beautiful SON, thank you for having me! I am always with you! May it be interesting and joyful for you to live and may you succeed in everything you have planned! Let your Life be as you planned it for yourself! I am there and I am for you “(Orff. And paragraph. Of the author saved. – Approx. Ed.), – wrote Elena.


The charred hand and the uncertainty of life

Netizens admitted that this post touched them greatly. They consider Yakovleva an ideal mother and wish her good health so that the star can delight her son and fans with her presence for many years in a row.

But Denis did not make Internet users very happy. They called his left hand charred and noticed that the guy went too far with tattoos. In addition, fans of Elena Yakovleva advise her son to find a job and earn money himself. Denis is 26 years old, and he still hasn’t been able to find himself. In general, the fans are not happy with the son of the actress.


We will remind, recently Elena Yakovleva shared with fans stories about her childhood and hobby. It turns out that the actress once fished and could not swim at all.

Photo: Instagram: @elena_yakovleva_official

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