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Singer Elka is one of the most interesting, unique stars with a bright personality. Her music combines several styles, so she is liked by the general public. A unique and bold image is sometimes striking in its extremeness. Complements his tattoo, which she does not hesitate to show. This is a pattern on the shoulder, which is visible at almost all concerts, as the Christmas tree loves outfits with short sleeves. Made in a classic style and emphasizing the exotic beauty of the Christmas tree, the tattoo always attracts the attention of the performer’s fans and journalists.

The Christmas tree tattoo was made to her at the age of 15, simultaneously with shaving her head bald. According to her, the parents reacted to this choice of their daughter calmly and did not forbid it.
The image, in the form of a jagged spiral going down, does not bear generally accepted symbolism. The Christmas tree tattoo on the arm is a work of art designed to emphasize the individuality and originality of the singer. The Christmas tree itself says that the meaning of this tattoo is there, but she will not reveal it.

Christmas Tree Tattoo On Shoulder With The Image Of A Serrated Spiral

Temporary tatoos

Recently, temporary tattoos have come into vogue (in another way – biotattoos). Paintings on hands that came to us from India look unusual, beautiful and feminine. The tattoos of the singer Yolki are also made in ethnic style in one of her latest videos “Draw Me the Sky”. Made with white paint, they look exotic and unique.

Hand-painted Christmas tree tattoo in Indian style in white color

The singer always mentions that at a young age there was only the first tattoo. There is information that she has several tattoos related to important events in her life, which she does not show, since they are in hidden places. The very same Christmas tree has repeatedly answered that she has only one tattoo on her body. Whether this is true or not is not yet known.

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