Unique people with unusual looks: 6 daring experimenters

Some consider them mentally unhealthy, others admire their appearance. But the fact remains – all the heroes of our today’s publication have definitely found a way to stand out from the crowd, says

Monami Frost

This girl from Latvia with numerous tattoos is a famous model and vlogger. She made her first body drawing when she was only 14 years old. Since then, this body art has become a part of her life.

Photo: Instagram @monamifrost

Despite the strange appearance, which many of us associate with not the best reputation, Monami does not drink, does not smoke and is an ardent opponent of any prohibited substances.

Andrey Bartenev

Photo: Instagram @andreybartenev

Andrey Bartenev is a Russian artist, fashion designer and creator of interactive performances. His works have been exhibited in major museums. Andrey often chooses very special clothes for himself. His appearance in public usually arouses innocent curiosity, less often – an aggressive reaction from passers-by.

Beth Ditto

Beth is a lover of outrageous outfits and a woman who believes that being overweight is not bad at all. Well-known fashion designers agree with her. At various times, Ditt managed to work with such legendary personalities as Gauthier and Lagerfeld.

Photo: Instagram @bethditto

Baddie winkle

It’s hard to believe that this woman is 90 years old! Buddy Winkle is not afraid to dress in shiny and extravagant outfits. It all started with the fact that for some reason Buddy’s great-granddaughter decided to create an Instagram account for her grandmother!

Photo: Instagram @baddiewinkle

Luis Padron

He is known on the web as the “living elf”. The young Argentinian has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look like a fantasy character.

Photo: Instagram @ luispadron.elf

Iris Apfel

This 97-year-old woman describes herself as the world’s oldest teenager. She dresses like a teenager, behaves about the same. Many condemn her, but with a young soul Iris does not even think to pay attention to criticism!

Photo: Instagram @ iris.apfel

Earlier we talked about a girl from China who, thanks to her unusual appearance, became a star on the Web. She has no end of fans and invitations to shoot.

Main photo: Instagram @ iris.apfel

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