Vasilisa Volodina showed someone else’s daughter: the astrologer misled the fans

The famous Russian astrologer and TV presenter Vasilisa Volodina on her Instagram told fans that her daughter Victoria will go to the graduation class on September 1, 2018. The strange thing in this publication of the famous mother was that she attached a photo to her post in which a girl with a sad face and a mass of tattoos on her body was posing, reports

Vasilisa Volodina showed someone else’s daughter

On her Instagram page, Vasilisa Volodina told the followers the following: “Soon to school. Not me, but Vick @victoria__volodina, of course. The last, graduation class. And yesterday I did not get to the parents’ meeting (I didn’t have time after the dentist), now I am tormented by ignorance … ”(Orph. And paragraph. Of the author saved. – Ed.)

This was followed by a long text on a professional topic, and at the very end of her post, Vasilisa Volodina added a small but very important postscript, which, apparently, the astrologer’s fans did not read, there are “many letters” too …

Immediately followed by comments, misled and not particularly fond of reading long texts to the end of the followers.

“It can be seen that your happiness has a persistent, Nordic character!”, “Is it that now you can go to school with a tattoo? The world has turned upside down ”,“ It is dear to look at Vasilisa. And this happiness is near hmmm “(Orff. And paragraph. Of the author preserved. – Ed. Note).

In order to enlighten the commentators and draw their attention to the external differences between the girl in the photo and Vasilisa’s daughter, Volodina herself and her daughter Victoria wrote to followers about this several times. But the questions continued …

Although the postscript was written, and absolutely all Internet users could see it: “Ps: in the photo with me is not Vika. A completely unfamiliar girl with whom I was photographed precisely because the inscription on her T-shirt does not fit with her face. It seemed to me that this is more obvious than the obvious. It turned out not “(Orph. And paragraph. Of the author preserved. – Ed.)

Family life of Vasilisa Volodina

The famous TV presenter is married to her current director, who previously worked in the field of logistics, Sergei Volodin.

The couple are raising a daughter Victoria (born in 2001) and a son Vyacheslav (born in 2015).

It is curious that Vasilisa herself repeatedly told her viewers that it was astrology that helped her get to know her beloved Sergei.

We will remind, earlier Vasilisa Volodina gave her forecast for September 2018 and told what signs of the Zodiac are waiting for extraordinary success in the first month of autumn.

Photo: Instagram: vasilisa.volodina

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