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Victoria Beckham is a famous personality, singer, designer, actress, dancer, model. For many, she is an icon of style, beauty, elegance. Nee Victoria Adams has been married to footballer David Beckham since 1999. Their love story is beautiful, passionate and long lasting. Victoria Beckham’s tattoos serve as confirmation. Each of them is duplicated on the body of her husband, symbolizing the unity of their family, mutual love. The images of memorable dates and inscriptions are quite popular and are widely used both among stars and among ordinary people. This type of tattoo was chosen by Victoria Beckham. The love of this couple for wearable images was passed on to children. According to them, older guys are interested in at what age they will be allowed tattoos.

On the back

In the lumbar region are located five eight-pointed stars… The first three symbolize her, David and their first son, made before 2000. With the birth of two sons, two more were formed on the designer’s body in the period from 2001 to 2005. This Victoria Beckham tattoo on the back signifies her family, which she considers the most valuable in her life. In 2011, this couple had a beautiful girl and this bright event can be displayed as another star on the lower back of the former “peppercorn” from Spice girls.

Victoria Beckham tattoo on the back with the image of five eight-pointed stars

Victoria Beckham’s back tattoo dedicated to her husband was executed in Hebrew at the age of 9 years ago. It looks like “אני לדודי ודודי לי הרועה בשושנים” and in translation sounds like a declaration of love: “I belong to my beloved, and my beloved is to me; he grazes among the lilies. ” Her husband has this inscription duplicated on his left hand. Touching words are located along the spine of the star in honor of the 7th anniversary of their union. The language of writing was not chosen by chance, David is half Jewish, so Hebrew was used, like on many of his other tattoos.

Victoria Beckham tattoo on the back with the inscription in Hebrew about the beloved

On the left hand

The inside of Victoria Beckham’s left hand is decorated with a tattoo with the first letters of her husband’s first and last name. The letters DB are made in flowery italics and are intertwined with each other. The footballer has the inscription Victoria in the Hindi language in the same place. Photos of Victoria Beckham’s tattoo show an inscription along the letters in Hebrew, which means “Together forever”Repeated on the body of her husband. It was taken in 2009. Thus, the couple celebrated the tenth anniversary of their life together.

Victoria Beckham tattoo on left arm with husband's initials

On the right hand

On the inside of the right hand, a significant date for the famous couple is tattooed in Roman numerals – May 8, 2006 (VIII.V.MMVI) when they remarried in a secret ceremony. Photos of Victoria Beckham’s tattoo also show the inscription “First”, executed in Latin (De Integro). With this inscription, the couple reflected that, despite the years they lived together and the children together, the relationship began anew, that love does not fade away, but burns with the same flame as at the dawn of their relationship.

Victoria Beckham tattoo on right wrist with re-wedding date in roman numerals

Reduction of tattoos

Recently, it was reported that Victoria Beckham brought tattoos. This is confirmed by the latest photographs. They show that the images have become much paler.

Victoria Beckham tattoo on the back

This is not the first time Victoria has used a laser; before this summer, her husband’s initials, the date of the wedding and the inscription in Latin had disappeared from her body. Such an act the reporters could not ignore. There were many rumors that the Beckhams were going through a deep crisis. However, the diva herself explains the act by the desire to look more serious and more elegant in the fashion world. For her, this is just part of growing up and there is no far-fetched point about the breakup of their marriage. It is in the field of fashion that the girl’s main activity lies. She not only launches her own clothing line. She owns the perfume brand, the design of one of the land Rover cars. She is the author of two popular books, an autobiography and a guide to the world of fashion.

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