Victoria Daineko was intrigued by a new photo with a man

The famous singer Victoria Daineko divorced her husband in September of this year, and now a photo with an unfamiliar man appeared on her Instagram account, reports.

My Petersburg love

In the photo, Victoria is captured in a bright dress. She sits huddled against a young man with a velvet jacket and a bow tie on a white shirt. And from under the suit, many tattoos are visible on the arms.

It should be noted that Daineko looks pretty happy.

“My Petersburg love❤” (Orph. And paragraph. Ed. Observance. – Ed.) – she wrote and added that her friends are the most beautiful and talented.

Subscriber reaction

Many subscribers, looking at the happy Vika, decided that this was her new lover: “Vika, what a gorgeous man you have! Match you! ” Fans tried to remember where they could have seen the young man before: “Is this an actor? The boy starred in the Chosen One? ” Others thought that such a gentleman was not suitable from a favorite singer: “Giving advice to you is stupid. But “this is” not a solution “(Orff. And clause. Auth. Observance. – Ed. Note).

However, Daineko herself did not comment on her photo in any way.

JoInfoMedia journalist Alla Omelchenko recalls that Victoria Daineko responded to dissatisfied subscribers about her age.

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